George Williams' Top 5 Music Videos Show #4! (11/27/10)

Hey! Hey! Hey! Welcome once again! It's week #4 of the George Williams George Williams' Top 5 Music Videos Show.

George runs two of the highest rated music shows in Japan: GGTV on Music on TV (which has a webpage See it here.) and BAM! on 76.1 InterFM. But seriously, George Williamses, Er, George Wiiliams'... Oh, never mind... His own site kicks ass and is the only one like it in Japan! See it

#5 Wooly Bandits - Gonna Make it Right 

#4 The Violet May - Bright or Better

#3 Expatriate - Blackbird

#2 Hellogoodbye - Baby It's Fact 

#1 Barb Wire Dolls - Street Generation

Bonus Video! "Barb Wire Dolls film trailer of girl female fronted New Wave Punk Rock band from Greece."


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