Robot on Stage in Japan

With how bad a lot of actors are (think Sylvester Stallone, etc...) the Japanese have come up with the movie proudcer's and directors dream come true. A robot actor!

The BBC Reports:

A life-like robot called Geminoid F has taken to the stage in Japan, but is there a chance it will it take over from the "real" performers?
Geminoid F was seated for the duration of the short play and her actions were controlled from behind-the-scenes by a human.
Actress Bryerly Long, working alongside the android in a Japanese play titled Sayonara, said she feels it lacks "human presence", making her feel "alone" on stage.
If the video link doesn't work, click here:


Anonymous said…
I think the producers and directors are not as concerned with acting skills as much as big egos and caustic attitudes...
Anonymous said…
"her actions were controlled from behind-the-scenes by a human" she is really a life-like puppet

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