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I Was a Teenage Collector's Item!

"Your regrets aren't what you did, but what you didn't do. 
So take every opportunity." - -Cameron Diaz

That's me in the red circle. I must have been about 23 or so.
(English follows below) 僕の昔のバンド、「The Rotters」一発屋バンドが解散した後、僕は他のバンド「Wuffy Dogs」を結成した。かれこれ34年以上も昔 まだカリフォルニアにいた時のこと。そのバンドもあまりぱっとせずに1枚のシングルレコードを作って解散した。それがなんと、夏にシングルレコードが1枚約16.6万円の値段が付く希少盤となっている! (#8: 4曲のうちの3曲は僕が書きました! 写真に僕が一番右。芸術家は死んで有名になるが、俺様はまだ生きているぜ!

When I was young, I was in a "One-Hit Wonder" Punk Rock Band. The band's name was "The Rotters." We played with the Dead Kennedys, Fear, Black Flag, the Germs, Angry Samoans and a bunch of other 1979 Los Angeles Punk Band's whose names I can't remember. I've written about it here: I Was a Teenage Punk Rocker - Why Dedication Beats Fanaticism Anyday! Even for Punk Rock or Success in Any Field! (If link doesn't work, copy…

Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers' Top 50 Best Songs of 2015 (With Music Videos!)

(Me with The 50 Kaitenz! Left to right: Dory, Bogie, Me, Danny (I'm the handsome one!) - Go "Like" their FB page!
Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers' Top 50 Best Songs of 2015 マイク・ロジャースの2015年のトップ50曲
(1から50の順番リストじゃない!)These are my favorite songs and/or something from a favorite artist of the year. There is no order from 1 ~ 50. These are just my favorite 50 listed as I played them on my Year-End radio show special. Now, some of these songs were not released in 2015... In fact, a few are several years old. But so what? I play alternative and underground stuff so this year was the first time I had heard them and it's my countdown, so there! Also, these songs were chosen by my iTunes software as the Top 50 songs I played from October, 1 2014 until October 30, 2015.... Songs that I have been heavily playing since November (and there's lots of them) will be on the 2016 chart, so stay tuned!
I have placed videos with the songs whenever and w…

Santa Goes to Children's Hospital to Visit With Children with Incurable Diseases Charity

Every year, Nanbyounet (Children with Incurable Diseases Charity) helps Santa Claus to visit children's hospitals around Japan to bring Christmas cheer parents of kids with cancer and incurable diseases.毎年、クリスマスに難病やガン等で入院している子供達のところにサンタクロースが訪ねて行けるように難病ネットの方達は尽力してくれています。難病ネットがどのような活動をしているのか是非ごらんください。
At Osaka's largest Children's Hospital
Nanbyounet is a very fine charity with a great group of people and volunteers that go out 365 days a year to help some of these desperately sick children and their parents. Please check what Nanbyounet is doing:
Santa tells me that he thinks that is one of, if not thee, most reputable charities in Japan. helps to raise funds to give these children some happiness and enjoyment in their short time on this earth and to bring people closer together.

Besides Christmas events, also arranges camping for the kids, poolside and swimming events, arts …

Travel Video: 100km Walk Around Tokyo in 3 Days by Jacob Laukaitis

I received a wonderful video by a young traveler and businessman named Jacob Laukaitis. Jacob took a 100 kilometer walk around Tokyo and he took his camera with him and made this delightful video for us. 

Please enjoy! Travel Video: 100km Walk Around Tokyo in 3 Days

(If video doesn't play, click here:

Here is Jacob's personal introduction:

"I am Jacob Laukaitis, a 21 years old digital nomad, who's already been to more than 30 countries in the past 2 years. The main reason why I can travel is the company I co-founded,, because of the flexibility and remote income that it provides. Because of this, I can travel for 9-10 months a year. If you would like to find more information about me or my trip you can visit my personal website and my Instagram profile where I post the best moments from my trips."

Top 3 Videos for Dec. 18, 2015! Posted!

Top 3 Videos for Dec. 18, 2015! Clara Belle & the Creeps, Ringo Deathstarr, Punk Lung, The 50 Kaitenz! Check them out here:
Here's a teaser. This week's #1! Pink Lung - Chinese Watermelon! (See a higher quality and larger screen at the link above!)

I’ve Seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Here is the Ending!

日本語はココです: 激速『スター・ウォーズ/フォースの覚醒』!
I’ve Seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens! 

Lots of people have been wondering what’s up with the new Star Wars movie. Some have high expectations; some expect Disney to screw it up!

But, as my regular readers know, I work in the mass media and I have had access to a private viewing of the film ! Yes! I have seen it and Disney doesn’t disappoint!

In the climax scene, Han Solo is valiantly (but vainly) fighting it out with the evil Darth Vader.

Chewbacca tries to help, but what good is a simian versus the Dark Side? Just as Vader is about to lop off Solo’s head and end his life, Buzz Lightyear appears yelling, “To infinity and beyond” as he zaps the light saber out of Vader’s hands and scoops up Solo in an exciting rescue scene!

Wow! What an exciting Disney ending! I told you that Disney, “Doesn’t disappoint”! No, they don't. But expect that they will make a Star Wars film that sucks as bad as the rest of them (excepting the origi…

Love Shibuya in Tokyo? New Parody Folk Video of 1970s Japan!

The latest music video from the F@NC Brothers. Production by Robot55 (Ken Nishikawa & Mike Rogers - Ken edited, I mostly slept on the sofa). 

This is a funny parody of 1970s Japanese Folk Music!

ファンコミュニケーションズの柳澤さん&松本さん(ザ ファンクブラザーズ)の新しいミュージックビデオです!制作はROBOT55のKenとMike(ほとんどKenが働きMikeはソファで昼寝してたけど)ヒット間違いなしの良い曲です!是非みてください。

ようこそ、渋谷一丁目一番地 〜Welcome to Shibuya, the street number one dash one〜 (If the video doesn't play, click here:

Cool and Strange Music Countdown – Vol. 2: Dec. 8, 2015

It’s Dec. 8, 2015! In Japan, and in the USA (it’s Dec. 7 in America), that means today is “Pearl Harbor Day.” The anniversary of the day theGermans bombed Pearl Harbor! So that also means it’s time for me to “drop some real ‘bombs,’ hits and misses,” with the “Cool & Strange Music Countdown.”Cool and Strange music isn’t just turds on the turntable! Sometimes the Cool & Strange music does include some cool tunes. For example, Dave Brubeck just passed away yesterday (R.I.P.) and his music can definitely be considered “Cool” – Dave Brubeck will be on the countdown someday, I promise! So don’t judge a book by its cover…. So, let’s get into our first song today; and this song is waaaaay cool.At #3 is Messer Fur Frau Muller. Messer Fur Frau Muller is a duo from St. Petersburg, Russia. The band was founded by well-known guitarist and multi-talented composer and musician, Oleg Gitarkin with Oleg Kostrow. Messer Fur Frau Muller translates into “A knife for Mrs. Miller.” Today they perf…