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The Maker of "The Cove" Gets Deported!

This is a conversation showing how immature and illogical people can be. A "friend" of mine was complaining that the producer and host of "The Cove" (Ric O’Barry) was deported from Japan. Here is the conversation:ME: "Misha (not real name), Japan is fucked up. But I have a question for you, as I once asked O'Barry (the man who was deported) to which he refused to answer: "If the real purpose of "the Cove" was to alert and enlighten people as you say (the Japanese especially) and stop the Dolphin slaughter - instead of making money - then why don't you make the video for free available on Youtube?" He has refused to answer.I don't understand. If I were sincere, then I would make the movie for free available on Youtube.... And I HAVE made many productions for free and they are freely available on Youtube. This seems like hypocrisy to me.Oh, and the idea that giving things away for free doesn't make money is disproven by Google…

VOTE 2016! Ted Cruz vs. Grandpa Munster!

VOTE 2016! Hey! Am I the only one that thinks that this Ted Cruz guy looks like Grandpa Munster? (Vote in the comments section!)

Need more proof?