Thursday, July 29, 2010

George Williams: The Music Revolution Starts Here

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Yesterday, I had the chance to visit George Williams and check out his very cool studio in Tokyo where he records shows for his blog / video blog, "The Music Revolution Starts Here." What a fantastic and extremely cool set-up he has.

George Williams at the Yakult Swallows' Jingu Baseball stadium

At The Music Revolution Starts Here, George introduces many of his extremely famous Japanese musician friends and the site is totally Indie and underground music. It's way cool and there's nothing like it anywhere else in Japan. You can see this completely new and ground-breaking way to promote music and do your very own TV right here.

The reason why I mention George and his web site is that I think he is setting records for unique users to his site. Get this: The site started on July 15th. Yesterday was not quite 2 weeks and The Music Revolution Starts here web page has been averaging just over 1,100 visitors a day! That's incredible!

Of course George Williams is on TV and radio all the time but he is also a whiz-kid at utilizing Social Media to promote his work which is updated daily.

You can follow George's Twitter here (great place to study up on Japanese!):
Pick here:
Facebook here:

He's got a bunch of other Social Media and things he does like Mixi and others (search on YouTube and U-Stream) but those URL's escape me now (I'm sure you can find them all on Facebook or on his web site).

At his web site he has tabs for Music, English, Cooking, Variety and Schedule (I don't know exactly what that last one is all about!) and he records new content every night. Last night's show featured Japanese rock star Ken Lloyd from Oblivion Dust (they sold millions of records in Japan); and more recently, "Fake."

See pirated version's of Oblivion Dust on YouTube here: (parental warning on this one!)

Fake? "Just Like Billy":

(Check these out while you can cause they are not supposed to be there... The record label are real assholes!)

Ken Lloyd is very famous and popular with the girls and, of course, he - as well as all his friend's - are big fans of mine... Ken (bless his heart) constantly begs for my autograph.

George Williams' The Music Revolution Starts Here getting over 1,000 visitors a day (with many of the visits coming from Europe and Russia) has to be some kind of record for a new blog. Someone from Google confirm that for me, willya?

Anyhow, George Williams and The Music Revolution Starts Here are definitely happening!


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