Saturday, November 13, 2010

George Williams' Top 5 Music Videos (11/13/10)

Hey! Welcome! It's week #2 of the George Williams George Williams' Top 5 Music Videos Show.

Question: If this is the George Williams music show... Then does that make this George Williams' Music Show or George Wiiliamses Music Show? Or "That Williams dude that's on TV, you know? His music show"?

George runs two of the highest rated music shows in Japan: GGTV on Music on TV (which has a webpage See it here.) and BAM! on 76.1 InterFM. But seriously, George Williamses, Er, George Wiiliams'... Oh, never mind... His own site kicks ass and is the only one like it in Japan! See it

But! Enough about George. What about me? I'm glad you asked. I am just a modest, but extremely cool - and devilishly handsome - guy out to make the people happy and the world a better place to live in my own small way...

Mike Rogers after a particularly hard night's drinkin': 
"Why can't people just learn to love one another?" 

So here's the Top 5... 6.... Whatever....

#5 The Greenhornes - It Returns

#4 Screaming Females - Electric Pilgrim

This week's Bonus Track!

Metal Mouse - Pinky Love
Theme song from the movie, "Vampire Girl Versus Frankenstein Girl"

"Pinky Love" is a rip off of the 1960's hit by France Gall, "Kawaii Chanson Ningyo" フランス・ギャル 夢見るシャンソン人形 

#3 Mike Fantastic - Turn Off The Lights
(Remember that you saw this band for the very first time on George's Countdown. They could become huge!)

#2 The Jigsaw Seen - Jim Is The Devil

#1 Lucky Boys Confusion - Hey Driver

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