Monday, May 2, 2016

Baby Metal is the Ultimate Corporate Musical Act

Baby Metal is not a "Metal Band" in the way we think of most metal bands; High school dropouts in need of a shower and haircut who listened to too much Metallica and AC/DC in school and then one day got together in their dad's garage to make head-banging screaming noise. 

No. Baby Metal is better. Baby Metal is three girls, who never listened to metal music, who were put together as the result of a Japanese record label business meeting where executives plotted in a smoky backroom to decide what kind new Japanese Idol group they were going to create and sell. And they would do so attempting to emulate the quality production evident in many Korean Pop projects.

In my most probably confused opinion, there is not much difference between your average Japanese Idol group and the next. I also don't think there is much difference between Baby Metal and the more immensely popular (at least in Japan) Japanese Idol group AKB48 excepting uniforms, dance steps and that decision by those back room executives as to the "type" of music that would accompany these projects.

Of course I wasn't at any of these Baby Metal meetings but I can guess that: 1) None of the 3 girls in Baby Metal had any input as to the musical direction of this project; 2) None of the Baby Metal girls write or compose any of the songs. 

Generally, speaking, I think many music fans in Japan don't care if their favorite artist writes their own music or not; the average Japanese music fan likes image over substance any day. Then there are those negative nellies who like it when artists write and perform their own music. They claim that an artist making their own songs is more "real." Can you imagine? I wish Justin Bieber would get someone else to write his songs for him; that would make him even better than he is now!

Alas, Japanese Idol singers don't write their own music... So does that make their music "fake"?

Perhaps. But it's not any more or less fake than 99% of the other crap you hear on your standard run-of-the-mill FM radio Hit Parade of Hell countdown program.

"The Japanese Pop Music industry is all that the pop music industry in the west aspires to be: Conveyor belt produced corporate schlock shoved down the throats of the unsuspecting masses." - Me

It really astounds me that people in the west like Baby Metal. I don't know any music fans in Japan who like them (there must be some.) I do know many so-called "serious" music fans in Japan (folks who work at record stores, "Music is my life" types, etc.) who absolutely hate Baby Metal.

I think most of us in Japan scratch our heads when we hear that people in the west like Baby Metal. I don't really care for Baby Metal just like I basically don't really care for all Japanese pop idol groups; I think they are the same thing. Just like I think Justin Bieber and New Direction are the same thing; but most of the fans of one or the other will surely protest.

Baby Metal is a Japanese Idol Pop outfit. It is "metal" with some Japanese "schoolgirls" "singing" over the top (Lolita Complex is strong in this one) with plenty of autotune, all created artificially by some record company so they can flog it to the Western version of "otaku." 

NOTE: ("Otaku" translates into "geeks" or "nerds" but there is a fundamental difference between Japanese otaku and geeks or nerds in the west. Japanese otaku are generally perceived as overweight guys, with a zero love life who read too many comic books and watch too many anime and spend far too much time gaming. Western geeks and nerds, might play games and watch too many anime too, but geeks and nerds in the west are generally considered intelligent. I mean, geeks and nerds in the west are the types who are president of the science or math club in high school... In Japan? otaku, well, otaku play too many games and read/watch too many cartoons and comics.)

Classic Baby Metal lyrics such as these are sure to invoke strong emotions:

C! I! O! Chocolate! Chocolate!
Cho, cho, cho,
Is it OK?
But, you know, recently I worry about my weight 

Deep! Bobby Dy----lan! Move over! You've met your match! It don't get much better than this!

Some might say the lyrics are atrociously bad. Not me. Baby Metal and AKB48 are all a sales pitch. And the public are buying, right? So what's the problem? Perfect!

But, really, western music fan, if you are going to go bananas over Baby Metal, then you should be a hardcore fan of AKB48 too. They are, de facto, the same thing (excepting AKB48 videos are more akin to softcore porn). Check it out. Here's an AKB48 video that has almost 100 million views: (You must watch for at least 1 minute or you get penalized!): 

This is the same thing as Baby Metal, excepting, as I said, dance steps, uniforms (and the AKB48 girls are much prettier and much more famous) and the style of music that was decided in the backroom of some record company by some cigar smoking executives....  a decision, of which, these girls played absolutely no part in. Cool, eh? A perfect pop formula.

Baby Metal and AKB48 are manufactured music projects from the get go. 

I think I can say in the defense of Baby Metal is that (if you do consider them metal - I don't) is that "Metal" has always been absurd, over the top pretentious and ridiculous....That is what Heavy Metal has always been. 

Just ask Spinal Tap… 

And finally, one last thing in their defense: the success and acceptance of Baby Metal by westerners shows us one thing if nothing else: The Monkees were waaaay ahead of their time.

Pop music really is just one big joke. So is metal music.... 

But I figured in the case of metal music, westerners had always known that.... 

Maybe not, eh?

- Thanks to Apryl Peredo

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Alcoholism, Denial, and Me

I woke up this morning with a hangover - as has been happening far too often recently.

My wife was mad at me. 

She said, "You have an alcohol problem." That's the first time she's ever said that to me. Really.

Now, usually, abusers of drugs and alcohol, of which I am/have/am been both, deny accusations.

This denial is bad and prevents the possibility of any recovery.

According to an interesting blog, "denial" (as everyone knows - or has been programmed to know) is the first line of defense for any druggie or alcoholic.

According to the Hazelden Betty Ford (so I guess Betty Ford was a drunk) Foundation's post entitled:

"Alcoholic's First Step in Recovery":

"I could quit anytime I wanted to." Looking in the mirror and accepting what we see can be one of the hardest things we ever do....Sometimes, the truth is so painful that we avoid it at any cost. Refusing to accept a painful reality that alters the perception of ourselves is a psychological defense called denial."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever....

So, last night, after another day of arguing (and biting my tongue and trying to be a psychologist and a patient person) with some people at work.... I came home and drank two bottles of red wine all by my little self.

I woke up this morning and my wife, as I mentioned, said the above, "You have an alcohol problem. Last night you went to bed and you left the dog outside and it was raining."

My wife says she woke up at 3 am and the dog was howling in the backyard, waking the entire neighborhood, and soaking wet and shivering because it was raining. I had put him out to take a shit and went to bed drunk and forgot about him. 

Goddamned dogs! Why didn't god give them opposable thumbs so that they could open doors by themselves? 

So, but, like many wise and seasoned alcoholics, when my wife said "I think you have an alcohol problem." I answered,

"Dear, we've been married for twenty years and you are just figuring that out now? Of course I have an alcohol problem."

She didn't say anything.

Affliction cured, Problem solved. Argument avoided.

I hate waking up with a hangover.... But, then again, so does everyone I work with....

Maybe someday I'll grow up and cut this stuff out. 

Until then,  I can honestly say I do not live in denial.


*= W.C. Fields might have replied:  "Dear, we've been married for twenty years and you are just figuring that out now? Of course I have an alcohol problem... I married you, didn't I?"

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Osaka Fruits! Wild Osaka Japanese Fashions!

A while back, I went to Osaka with my friend Ken Nishikawa to shoot a promotional video for the Japanese girls group, Shonen Knife. While there, we had some time to wander around and I saw some great sights. I love Osaka!

While I was there and wandering around I saw some kids and their fashions really turned my head! Wow! You have to check this out!

Here's several for your enjoyment! 


I saw these two sweethearts at Shin Osaka station. The train going by the the background gives it a great feel.

Same platform, not 10 seconds later! Wow!

I saw these two guys getting on the elevator and just had to take their photo. Awesome look. Check out those contact lenses! Upstairs from this building was a shop that sold "Lolita Fashions." I went up there but they didn't have any Lolita Fashions in the XXX-Large size to fit me.

Later on, after sound-check, we were walking around by Dontonbori when we came upon a group of ten kids. I thought these three really looked great!

I saw these two going somewhere on Sunday morning. Actually, I saw many others too but everyone seemed in a rush so I didn't have the time to ask them for a pose. I will go to Osaka again soon and take more photos.

This cool photo of Naoko of Shonen Knife was taken by Kevin Riley

Shonen Knife (L-R: Emi (drums & vocals), Ritsuko (bass & vocals), Naoko (Guitar & vocals).  (Photo by Kevin Riley)

And here's the Shonen Knife video we made:

Thanks to Ken Nishikawa, Kevin Riley, Kuniatsu "Coonie" Suzuki, Ms. Yoshida, Shonen Knife members and Atsushi Shibata.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders Pays Homage to His Nazi Intellectual Idols

"Spoken like a true Jewish Nazi. Even his intellectual idols, the German Nazis, didn't outlaw cigarettes—although they were always publishing PSAs about not smoking. They did ban smoking in certain public places." - David Kramer

Finally, I come to the conclusion that this Bernie Sanders guy is several sandwiches short of a picnic (Yeah, OK. It took me a long time to figure this out. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed).... 

How the hell can so many young Americans be so dim that they actually like this guy? 

This is fundamental: What you want to do with your body is nobody else's business. 

If Sanders thinks cigarettes should be banned, and you like him, then you also agree with all sorts of subjective government BS too. Namely the "War on Drugs," "anti-gay marriage," "anti-abortion;" Hell, why not institute prohibition and make alcohol illegal? Or why not reinstitute the military draft? Why not? You don't own yourself, right?

Blah, blah, blah.... 

I am neither pro nor anti none/any-of-the-above (Oh, I am 100% against slavery - so anti-draft). I believe in ownership of my body as the most basic private property.

I can put into my body - and do what I want with my body - and it's no one else's business but mine. It certainly is none of your business and it most certainly isn't the business of the central government.

And vice versa: You own your body, you can drink, smoke, take drugs, do what you want with your body and no one has the right to tell you what to do.

Sanders is a Socialist. Just like a Nazi (called "National Socialist"). It's called "Socialist" for a good reason.

Read this nonsense Sanders actually said on National TV. What a hypocrite (that is, if he can even think that far... And judging by what he said, that's questionable...)

From the article: 

"There is "almost the question as to why" cigarettes are legal in the United States, Bernie Sanders said in an interview aired Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press." The remark came as Sanders explained his opposition to a proposed tax on sugary drinks in Philadelphia....When moderator Chuck Todd asked him if he felt the same way about cigarette taxes, Sanders said he did not. "Cigarette taxes are — there's a difference between cigarettes and soda," the Vermont senator said. "I am aware of the obesity problem in this country." 

Sanders said. "But cigarettes are causing cancer, obviously, and a dozen other diseases. And there is almost the question as to why it remains a legal product in this country." 

By the way, Bernie, 1 in 5 deaths in the USA today are attributed to obesity... So let's not stop with your selective morality issues as to cigs, let's outlaw fast foods, potato chips, French fries, processed sugar and hamburgers...Oh, and like NY, large cokes and sodas.

How can any thinking person take this clown seriously?

If Trump is a Fascist, then what the hell is Bernie?

But anyway, it doesn't really matter: The US Presidency is a Donut Shop - My Comments on the Candidates (Bernie, Don, Hillary)

- Thanks to David Kramer - a New York Jew and my good friend - for the title of this blog post, the inspiration and the quote at the top. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Best Rock N Roll Band in Japan? The Privates?

The Privates are one of, if not thee most respected rock bands in Japan. The Privates are lead by singer, guitarist and song writer, Nobuhara Tatsuji. They formed in 1983. 

The Privates have been famous in Japan for over 30 years. Here's some information.

Here's the data:

Nobuhara Tatsuji (延原達治; Guitar and Vocals) 
Tetsuka Minoru (手塚稔; Guitar) 
Takahashi Tatsuya (高橋達哉; Bass) 
Morihara Koji (森原光司; Drums) 
Yoshida Manobu (吉田学; Keyboards)

Anyway, my mates and I made their newest video. Here it is. It fucking rocks.

It is a cover of "The Litter" 1966 garage rock hit, "Action Woman."

I hope you dig it!

Friday, April 8, 2016

The US Presidency is a Donut Shop - My Comments on the Candidates (Bernie, Don, Hillary)

People are arguing and fighting. It's all over the internet and Social Media... Why?

It pains me to see you guys going through this again. Have we learned nothing over these last 30 years? Especially over these last 15 or so? 

Let me paraphrase my drinking buddy, "Louie" to tell you how it is: 

"The US presidency is just like a donut shop; every few years we get a new shop manager of the donut shop, but we NEVER see who owns the donut shop or the parking lot (That's the big banks, Oil companies and the Military Industrial Complex). 

These new candidates for donut shop manager come in and always say the same sort of thing: "American's are fat! We need to become healthy! We need to eat more vegetables! We can change!" And the US public eats it all up. 

Then, after the election circus for donut shop manager ends, the new manager comes in, and he can give lip service to "Change" and eating healthy," but it's just for show. If he doesn't sell the 24 box of glazed donuts, he's out of a frickin' cushy job." 

The public foams at the mouth supporting this candidate or that for donut shop manager. Some even take their days off and drive to "conventions" wearing ridiculous-looking hats and waving signs and screaming like idiots. Imagine that! What for?

So they can help their team win

There's no way in hell that any new donut shop manager every 4 years is going to come in and change the business plan of the US corporation with over 150 years of imperialist history. It don't matter if it's The Don or Bernie. (Sorry, Bernie fans, but you don't serve as a US senator for over ten years if you are not part of the establishment.) 

To think otherwise is delusional and ignores over 150 years of US imperialism.

It seems people have a short memory. Obama was supposedly a Washington outsider too, wasn't he? He was going to change everything too, wasn't he? He was going to end the wars, stop over-throwing foreign governments, stop bombing brown skinned people in the Middle East, and close the prison camps, have a transparent government, not prosecute whistle-blowers, etc..... 

How did that work out for you guys? 

The system is corrupt through and through. All the donut shop owners (The Powers That Be) care about is if the people (proles) think their vote "matters." That's why we go through this circus (and mass media propaganda) every few years. 

Voter participation has been going down steadily for decades. The day less than 20% of the people vote, is the day this system loses all credibility and authority (51% of 20% voters decide the president? 10.5%? That's how the Soviet Union fell down, remember?) 

Don't vote. Your vote doesn't matter (Bernie won New Hampshire big, but still Hillary got the most delegates, remember?) 

"If voting could change things, it would be illegal" is a saying sometimes attributed to Mark Twain... It is a saying that is at least 160 years old. Think about it. It pains me to see you getting suckered into this nonsense again. No offense, my friends. 

Oh, I will admit that I think Hillary is evil incarnate, a criminal and scum-of-the-earth, hence she is the most qualified to be US president.

For further reference, please refer to my pal George Carlin:

You might enjoy this too. Doug Stanhope.

NOTES: 1) By the way, if you are from another country, don't think your government isn't a donut shop either... OK, maybe not donuts, maybe Belgian Waffles or Swizzle sticks.

NOTES: 2) Highly recommended reading: Aborting the Working Class by my good friend, David Cole.
-Thanks to Lew Rockwell for the inspiration the quotes and for waking me up to the farce.

-For my dear friends Kevin Hammontree, Jason Brown and James Santagata

Monday, April 4, 2016

Cool and Strange Music Countdown – April 4, 2015 – Coldcut and Hexstatic, Tom Lehrer, Sweden Heaven and Hell!

We’re back to Cool & Strange Music for April 4, 2016! This is THEE Cool and Strange Music chart! 

The only one that matters (probably the only one that exists, actually...) Here is this week’s chart of the most out of this world musical bizarreness!

On last week's Cool and Strange Music Countdown I got thousands and thousands of emails from folks who just went crazy over the Hexstatic version of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made For Walking." People wrote that they want to see more! (Okay, well, maybe "thousands" is a bit of a stretch! This is Coldcut and Hexstatic. Awesome!

#3) Coldcut and Hexstatic - Timber

It's Springtime in Japan! And what song always reminds me of Spring? It's Tom Lehrer! Thomas Lehrer is an American singer-songwriter, satirist, pianist, and mathematician. He has lectured on mathematics and musical theater. He is best known for the pithy, humorous songs he recorded in the 1950s and '60s.

This song is hilarious! Check out the lyrics of Tom Lehrer's "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park":

Spring is here, spring is here,
Life is skittles and life is beer,
I think the loveliest time of the year
Is the spring, I do, don't you? Course you do

But there's one thing that makes spring complete for me
And makes every Sunday a treat for me

All the world seems in tune on a spring afternoon
When we're poisoning pigeons in the park
Every Sunday you'll see my sweetheart and me
As we poison the pigeons in the park

When they see us coming
The birdies all try and hide
But they still go for peanuts
When coated with cyanide

The sun's shining bright
Everything seems all right
When we're poisoning pigeons in the park

We've gained notoriety
And caused much anxiety
In the Audobon Society
With our games

They call it impiety
And lack of propriety
And quite a variety of unpleasant names

But it's not against any religion
To want to dispose of a pigeon

So if Sunday you're free
Why don't you come with me
And we'll poison the pigeons in the park
And maybe we'll do in a squirrel or two
While we're poisoning pigeons in the park

We'll murder them amid laughter and merriment
Except for the few we take home to experiment
My pulse will be quickenin'
With each drop of strychnine
We feed to a pigeon
It just takes a smidgin
To poison a pigeon in the park

#2) Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons In The Park

 At #1 is something that is very Cool and Strange. It's Sweden Heaven and Hell, 
Here's what Wikipedia says: "Sweden: Heaven and Hell (Italian: Svezia, inferno e paradiso) is an Italian mondo film from 1968 directed by Luigi Scattini. The film which is made up of nine segments that focus on different aspects of sexuality in Sweden such as lesbian nightclubs, porn films, swinging lifestyle of married couples and sex education of teenagers." ("...lesbian nightclubs, porn films, swinging lifestyle of married couples and sex education of teenagers"!? I'm in!- Mike). The film also examines drug addiction, alcoholism and suicides in Sweden (Been there. Done that. - Mike) The film also featured the debut of the song "Mah Nà Mah Nà" by Piero Umiliani.

#1) Sweden Heaven And Hell (Svezia Inferno E Paradiso)

Well that’s it for Cool & Strange Music for this week. As Mr. Spock would say, "Live well and prosper!" Have a great week! – Mike in Tokyo Rogers


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Monday, March 21, 2016

Gaijin Gourmet – By Far the Best Ramen in Futakotamagawa: Kokumaro!

I found the best tasting ramen for the best price in Futakotamagawa. It’s a shop called Kokumaro and it is the most delicious and reasonably priced ramen in town.

Hello! My name is Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers and I am the Gaijin Gourmet!

Futakotamagawa’s ONLY ¥600 ramen shop! This is the regular ramen for ¥600 yen (tax included.) includes two slices of pork in Tonkotsu (Kyushu-style pork based soup). In this photo and egg is included at an extra ¥100. Best ramen deal around!…. And, of course, there’s no tipping in Japan!

Futakotamagawa is about 10 ~ 15 minutes from Shibuya station on the Den-en-toshi line. It is famous for Takashimaya department store and a bunch of other high class shopping establishments as well as the headquarters of online shopping giant, Rakuten.

Since this is a high class shopping area, nearly all of the restaurants are expensive; and filled with rich housewives. That’s why a find like Kokumaro is a lifesaver for the Gaijin Gourmet who is always watching for ¥1 coins on the ground at the train stations! Nearly all of the local ramen shops sell their lowest priced ramen for at least ¥760. There’s a few places that sell so-called “Gourmet ramen” that goes for ¥1000 ~ ¥1200 a bowl.

Kokumaro starts at ¥600. By far the best tasting ramen for the price in this town.

Outside of Kokumaro. This place gets packed and there’s a line of people there waiting to get in at all hours of the day. Kokumaro is a chain of restaurants and they have shops in Futakotamagawa, Shibuya, Kabukiocho and a bunch of shops in their homeland of Kyushu. See their homepage here:

This is what it looks like at night. The one to the right. The shop to the left is some high-falutin’ dinery. Never been there… It is expensive. Of course expensive restaurants are supposed to taste delicious. The problem is that many of them are just expenisve and not so delicious. It is a fine art for the Gaijin Gourmet to find the Holy Grail! I like cheap and delicious establishments!

And speaking of cheap and delicious, when you go into Kokumaro at Futakotamagawa, you will be immediately confronted by Mr. Meal Ticket-Machine. Not to worry. Follow the easy instructions: Look at picture. Insert money. Press button. Take ticket. give ticket to shop staff. Sit down. Eat.
It’s so simple a chimpanzee was able to complete the task in 6 seconds.
If you want a beer to drink, just say, “Beer?” the staff and they will help you press the correct button.

Like I said, Kokumaro in Futakotamagawa is always packed and, there is almost always a line of at least 3 ~ 10 people waiting to get in. The place is cozy and clean.

Here is what I always have. It’s the regular ramen with extra mountains of sliced green onions. Cost? ¥800! (with tax!) Wow! At the top left is Beni-shoga (pickled ginger root). Top right is Takana (hot & spicy leafy vegetables that originally came from China). And now we get to why Kokumaro is always packed and there’s always a line outside: Not only is it cheap and delicious, but you can add the condiments like Beni-shoga or Takana all you want…. And!….

The plat de résistance! The deal clincher! Fresh garlic and a garlic press at the counter that you can add as much healthy and fresh, raw and delicious garlic as you want. Oh my god! I am in heaven! Usually ramen shops have already crushed garlic in small bins, but those have preservatives in them. This is the real (raw) deal!

Of course, the Gaijin Gourmet insists upon a spic and span, clean kitchen. Kokumaro in Futakotamagawa has it as well as friendly staff. On the right is the manager of the Futakotamagawa branch, Morita san! (If you go there, tell him Mike sent you!) This guy is great. He and his staff work hard to make sure that you get the best ramen in town… And they do it with a smile and they do it every night! Bravo! Well done Morita san!

Even the ladies love Kokumaro Futakotamagawa. All the locals know this ramen shop and it has the reputation for the best ramen and best ramen deal in town! Here’s Ayako giving rave reviews for the taste!

I think Kokumaro is the best place to eat ramen in Futakotamagawa. Inside the place is packed and, like I said, there are always people waiting to get in - Seeing is believing.... Oh, by the way, even if you have to wait, it’s only a few minutes and well worth it.

Kokumaro Ramen at Futakotamagawa? 5 + Stars for value, volume of servings, service, friendly staff and great taste!

Futakotamagawa Kokumaro Ramen  3-14-6 Tamagawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 158-0094

Tel 03-3708-2790

Business Hours: 11:00 am ~ 2 am.


I like this place so much I even made a map for you!

Map to Kokumaro Ramen. From Futakotamagawa station, take a left out the ticket gates toward the big street. Walk between the two Takashimaya buildings straight for about 3 minutes.

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At Robot55 we make video productions for businesses and services and products, but we also pride ourselves on making videos for art and music. Our starting price is ¥70,000 and we are sure we can work out something that fits your budget. Oh, and we love making band videos too! Contact us!

ROBOT55 はビジネス、商業、製品紹介動画の制作のみならず、アートや音楽の映像も創っております。ビジネス動画においてはウェブ動画時代の到来に合わせ、お求めや すい¥70,000という格安価格より承ります。ご予算に応じて皆様にご満足のいく高品質動画を制作致します。勿論インディー・バンド向けPV制作も行っ ております。よ!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Gonna be Huuuuge! Donald Trump and My Dream for Next Japanese Prime Minister!

Donald Trump is evil! He is a racist, is divisive, is the cause of violence.... Blah, blah, blah. So what? Is he any worse than any other of these scumbags that are running for president?

You have to be a scumbag to be president. Hillary is evil incarnate and a scumbagette. That's why she is the perfect candidate for president. But Hillary isn't funny, so I don't like her.

Don is funny.

If I voted, I'd vote for Donald Trum....... Er, no, I wouldn't. I wouldn't vote... I don't vote. Ever.

But I do really enjoy the show. I especially enjoy the squirming.

Regular readers will know how much of a crusade I've promoted against TV watching and the Lame Stream Mass Media for well over fifteen years. It is hilarious how the MSM and TPTB keep trying to paint Teflon Don in a bad light, but he keeps coming back smelling like roses.

Don't think I am dissing the Don. I am not. I laugh at how many said he wasn't a "viable" or "serious politician" what? As if Hillary or these other people are?

Donald is his own 5 star entertainment. Recently, even after all the claims Don is racist, Donald Trump has already secured the white supremacist vote (Kill colored people!), the Nazi vote (Kill the blacks!) and now has the Nation of Islam vote (Kill Whitey). 

I guess Trump is now the equal opportunity hate group candidate of choice.

Now, if Trump is such a racist, how in the world could Louis Farrakhan endorse him?

That's right. And he got Clint Eastwood too.

(By the way, Clint Eastwood is my favorite actor of all time and I've admired Louis Farrakhan for decades as a man who speaks truth to power.)

I expect that Trump will be president. 

I like the entertainment factor in play here. The Don would be great for late night comedy shows. That's why I'm a fan.

Hanafuda Cards

On that note, in Japan, the Japanese call a deck of poker cards, "Trump." So "Trump" is a great name for a cartoon president (well, they are all cartoons, aren't they?) Also, in Japan, there is a traditional card game called, "Hanafuda." In the game, Hanafuda, it is the last card, the all-mighty card, that wins the game. That card is called, "Kirifuda." 

"Kirifuda" in English translates exactly to "Trump."

You couldn't make this shit up!!!! Isn't that an amazing coincidence? Isn't this simply hilarious?

I'm hoping the Don wins and then Japan elects a prime minister named, "Kirifuda." 

Japanese Prime Minister could run on a platform like, "Kirifuda will not be Trumped by Trump!" (English translation: Trump will not be Trumped by Trump!)

That would be hilarious. No! I mean, "That would be huuuge!"

By the way: Donald Trump has resuscitated a word in the English language and made it cool for the first time in its existence. I'm going to start using the word "Huge!" in many of my conversations. A trend has begun! 

And it's gonna be HUGE!


NOTES: To paraphrase Lew Rockwell, the US presidency is like a donut shop. 

Every 4 years or so, we elect a new shop manager (president). But we never see who actually owns the donut shop or the parking lots, (the Military Industrial Complex and the big banks). The new candidates for manager tell us, 'Americans are fat, we need to eat healthy! We can change!' and they get elected to manager.

The customers (you) cheer!

But, as time goes by, even though the new manager still gives lip service to eating healthy, if he doesn't sell the 24 boxes of glazed donuts (and feed the banks and the Military Industrial Complex), then he and his pals are out of a job."

And that's why the US presidency is like a donut shop. 

You don't think for a half a second that one of these people can come in and change 150 years of US expansionist and imperialist history, do you?

Check it: