Thursday, January 12, 2017

I Found a Major Facebook Glitch

I have discovered a major glitch on Facebook and have also found out that several of my friends have the same problem. You might have it too!

The problem is that we have a lots of friends, but Facebook shows us as only having a few "followers." 

Why does that matter? Why is that a big deal? Well, because, if you are like me and host a radio show, or do anything where a strong social media presence is a must, then this is critical: It looks like you have no REAL friends or followers to show clients. If you are like me, you need to show potential clients and sponsors how many friends I have and how many followers you have on Social Media.

That's why I wrote this post, I thought I should alert others.

I have nearly 5000 friends on Facebook. But it shows me as only having 34 followers! That's impossible. A few months ago, it showed that I had something like 4117!

Now, only 34? How did that happen?

As of today, I have 4,989 friends. I used to always have a consistent 5000 friends, but I have been deleting a lot of people who go off on politics supporting this clown or that. (Please refer to: Musicians, Artists and Politics - The Day the Music Dies

So, almost 5000 friends. Great. I must have lots of followers, right? I do, actually, but my Facebook page says I only have 34. WTF?

I was wondering what made so many people get mad an unfollow me? But actually, they haven't. There's a bug in the system; the counter is wrong.

The weirdest part is that if I click the "Followed by 34 people" link, I can see that I do have hundreds, if not thousands of followers.

I told one of my other writer friends about this and he checked and found the exact same problem. He has "only" 2800 + friends, but his page says he only has 3 followers!!!!! Yikes! Now that can't be right!

So, check to see if your page is like this.

If so, do what I did and write to Facebook and ask them to fix it. (On your top page, top far right, click the upside down triangle. Scroll down to "Report a Problem.")

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