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Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers' Top 50 Best Songs of 2017 (Music Videos!)

Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers' Top 50 Best Songs of 2017 マイク・ロジャースの2017年のトップ50曲.

With the crew of the documentary film,"The Public Image is Rotten" at Raindance Film Festival, London, England.  Sept. 30, 2017.

These are my favorite songs and/or something from a favorite artist of the year. Now, some of these songs were not released in 2017... In fact, a few are several years old. But so what? I play alternative, underground stuff and it is my duty to bring new music to the fans, so this year was the first time I had heard some of these songs and it's my countdown, so there! Also, these songs were chosen by my iTunes software as the Top 50 artists I played from October, 1 2016 until Dec. 10, 2017.... 

1) Starcrawler - I Love LA   
Starcrawler from Los Angeles, blasted on the scene in 2107. Touring Japan in March 2018.

2) Amyl and The Sniffers – 70’s Street Munchies  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uid_8u7T13Y
A young band that rocks and plays their own instruments? I'm in! Best female-fronted punk band since X-Ray Spex.

3) Daisy House – Languages    
Father and daughter team from Los Angeles with a cool sixties vibe.

4) The Neatbeats – Twistin’ Time With You 
Main characters from the cult rock n roll film "Ghostroads - A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story."

5 (TIE!) The Tearaways - Bash 
“I remember seeing The Tearaways at Shea Stadium…..great band…” Tom Hanks

5 (TIE!) Richie Ramone - I Fix This  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ows6w04lptw 
This is the greatest Ramones song they never made! Richie Fucking Ramone! Cellophane!

6) Pale Waves – There’s A Honey 
Manchester England Indie quartet pop band.

7) Peter118 - 'Radio' 
Peter118 is taking his exciting brand of pop-punk all over the world.

8) The Sold! And Bones – I’m Right, You’re Wrong (Official Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7JHhYKxm1Y
Legendary punk singer, Billy Bones of The Skulls, teams up with members of The Sold! to form a punk/blues explosion, The Sold! and Bones.

9) The Privates - Action Woman 
Japan's legendary band, famous since the eighties. Also featured in the cult rock n roll film "Ghostroads - A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story."

10) Touts - Bombscare   
A three piece Punk band from Derry, Ireland. A singer that can't sing, a mod that can't play bass and a drummer that can't see.

11) The Van T’s – Bittersweet 
Everything you ever wanted from a 90's dream.

12) Bleached “Dead in Your Head” 
Bleached are an American punk rock and pop punk band consisting of sisters Jennifer Clavin and Jessica Clavin, formerly of Mika Miko.

13) The 50 Kaitenz - Vinyl Changed the World  
Japan's best punk band. They're from Osaka and are sometimes called the "Japanese Ramones." Nah! They're much more funny than the Ramones!

14) Fiona Silver – Love Grenade   
Fiona’s music encompasses the doe-eyed playfulness of 1960s girl groups, and the haunting beauty of Lady Day-era jazz, along with strains of vintage soul, classic rock, and modern indie rock.

15) The Routes – Perfect Hell / No Permanence 
Fukuoka, Japan's favorite sons. Huge in Europe headlining stages in Spain and Portugal!

Two girls from Tokyo who play Cute Punk Pop music better than anyone.

16) Cat Lundy – Triggerman  
Artist, singer, songwriter from Dublin, Ireland.

17) THE CAMBODIAN SPACE PROJECT – Rom Ding! Dong!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP1JKzrTcdI
Cosmic cross-culture rendezvous featuring space trippers from various planets. 

18) TAXI - Couch   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPjmU6cEqTY
TAXI from Canada, leapt onto the pop scene in September 2017 and, since, has achieved number one on radio charts in the UK & Canada.

19) ShitKid – “Sugar Town”

ShitKid are from Stockholm/Gothenburg, Sweden. Really.

20) THE SPAM69 – “CHE.R.RY” “HANG ON”   
Crazy mo-fos from the Tokyo underground. Mad rock n roll.

21) Ya Freshness – This is England  
Hang on... this is a B side? QUALITY!

22) Baby Shakes - Do What You Want  
Winner's of New York's "Upcoming Band of the Year." Hot!

23) Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas - Sorry I Stole Your Man  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-v76IVtV-Y
Dark soul, gothic pop from Detroit!

24) The Darts (US) – “The Cat’s Meow” 
The Darts (US) romp through a grrrl-power trailer-park-mermaid-fairy-birthday party, complete with kiddie pool and pink cake.

25) Su Ko D Koi – Momanaide  
Japan's best girls punk band? One of their other videos hit over 1 million views within a few months this year! Amazing!

26) Sloan Peterson - 105

A love child of 50’s guitar pop and modern garage rock. Influenced by everything from Elvis, to Xavier Cugat or Nancy Sinatra and Bowie

27) POLO & PAN – Coeur Croisé   
Polo & Pan voit le jour en 2012 suite a la rencontre astrale entre Polocorp et Peter Pan.

28) The Goggles – Twitt and Chatt  
Genre: Beatles, Rutles, Goggles.

29) Fazerdaze – Lucky Girl   
Girl in bedroom on guitar.

30) Samehada Shiroko and Dynamite - Moshikashitara https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV7NePEIJ9o
Hot band from Fukuoka, Japan. Love it!

31) Warbly Jets - Alive   
"...where massive rock 'n' roll melodies brush up against skittish breakbeats, swoon-worthy strings, and laser-guided synth lines."

32) The Twinkles – C’est La Vie  
The Twinkles are a nice melodic ’77 punk band from Castelfranco Veneto, Italy.

33) Honeyblood - Babes Never Die   
Honeyblood is a Scottish musical duo formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2012.

34) Stephanies – Haconia   
The Stephanies are a hot three piece girls rock band from Sagamihara, Japan! They rock!

35) Daphne Guinness  - Evening In Space:  
Daphne has worked in music, photography, art and literature. She has worked many long hours with famed record producer Tony Visconti.

36) The Coathangers – Go Away   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zltN5_JuUX4
The story goes that four young women from Atlanta Georgia, decided to start a band for the sole purpose of being able to hang out and play parties.

37) Miss Derringer - Nobody to Come

From Los Angeles. Killer rock n roll!

38) Cosmic Psychos – Fuckwit City   
Australia's thirstiest rock band have got it into their heads to batter your earholes with more beer smashing tunes.

39) pinksideofthemoon - Keep on Dancin 

Legendary producer engineer Lee Popa and Nina Hagen Das!

Post Punk? From Mossley, England.

41) Beck Black – Red Dog 
Singer, songwriter from Los Angeles.

42) Molly & The Krells – Relationshit: 
Punk Rock from Sydney, Australia.

43) Lisa Mychols – You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5EyNL5h1qY
Sunshine garage pop inspired by Petula Clark and Jackie Deshannon. What's not to like?

44) Bo-Peep - Hello 

From the heart of Fukuoka’s underground scene come Bo-Peep, three girls representing a generation raised on ’90s grunge and making a startlingly hard sound.

45) The Trash Templars – Dancing with the Bull 
After some very long Crusades, the Templars are back home with fully loaded Bags to bring the Holy Grail of Fuzz to the cheerin´ audience.

46) Taffy – DD  
Guitar band? Alternative? Shoegazer? Whatever.

47) The Sex Organs – Outer Space 
Here are The Sex Organs! Inter-galactic sex 'n' roll from outer space! A primitive, trash, garage, space odyssey!

48) MOLICE " 5 "

The Molice are a modern Japanese band who draw inspiration from 70's punk's DIY spirit, 80's new wave, power pop and 90's unchained indies guitar rock.

49) The Atomics – Voulez Vous 
New Power Pop from Los Angeles.

50) ED WOODS - Fuckin` Em All  
Link Wray is their father. Ed Wood is their Grandfather. Divine is their Mom. Big Foot is their Pet.

Thanks to Alex Kish, Kayla Williams, Dave McLean, Aya Fukuta, Ken Nishikawa and Rodney Bingenheimer (Rodney on the Roq), Gabbie Cabbie, Chris Browne, Christopher Jack, Marc Platt. You guys are the only people in the entire music industry who teach me music that I don't already know about. Really! Thanks so much.

                   May all your dreams come true in the next year!

Read Books. Improve Yourself... You Are the Only Asset You Really Have.

(This article originally ran on May 28, 2010.)

If you want to make it in today's world, then you need to read books. Lot's of them. I especially recommend books on business management and Internet marketing. Today I will recommend some of my favorites.

The reason you need to read books is that books help you to improve yourself and to learn.

Many people say that now is the digital age and if you do not have command of IT and the Internet, then you are doomed to failure. I might partially agree. But I'd also like to point out that today, and as has been the case for a thousand years, the successful, educated, and wealthy read books. The future will be no different; the people who do not read books are left behind. 

If you do not read books and watch even a little bit of TV, I suggest that you stop the TV immediately and start on books. Watching TV is a displacement of time that could be used for more important, fruitful endeavors. Even reading a novel is better for your brain as, with a novel, your imagination is at allowed to exercise itself.

I work in publicity, mass media, advertising and marketing in Japan and I know if I don't keep up on new things, I will fall behind very soon. 

I know one guy at a major Japanese TV station who complained to me that things weren't going so well. I recommended that he start reading books... He looked flabbergasted. Now, here's a guy who is about 40-some years old and in-charge of about 16 people. His business is going really bad. I told him to look for the answers in reading books... he replied, "Mike-san, I hate reading books. I haven't read a book since high school." 

I replied, You know what the difference is between a university graduate who doesn't read books and, say, some illiterate villiager living in the mountains? There is no difference: neither of them read any books. 

"There's is no difference between people who can't read books and people who don't read books." Think about that. 

He acted as if it were impossible for him to read books because he has some sort of learning disorder.  

This is a guy who is a section chief at a company that is losing a quarter of a million US dollars every month! Are you surprised that they are losing money? I'm not. Doesn't he realize that he has a responsibility to his staff to keep up on information? Doesn't he realize that he is being negligent towards his families' future?

No. He doesn't. Why doesn't he? He watches too much TV and hasn't read a book in almost 20 years?

Reading books helps you to imagine, to grow, and to develop your skills and knowledge. You'll need to do these things and constantly improve yourself to be able to compete in the next 10 - 20 years.

As famous American professional basketball coach Pat Riley once wrote, "If you are not getting better, you are getting worse."

One of my favorite books is Focal Point by Brian Tracy. In Focal Point, Mr. Tracy supports my argument by writing; "To earn more, you must learn more... You are your most valuable asset... You must continually feed your mind to develop more of your potential. You must continually upgrade your abilities to think and perform at higher levels. "

So improve yourself. Get into the habit today of reading at least one book a week... Preferably not novels or comic books... I mean books about business and self-improvement.

Improve yourself... You are the only real asset you have.

Here are my recent favorites:

Brian Tracy; Focal Point and Goals
David Meerman Scott; New Rules of Marketing & PR
Chris Anderson; Free the Future of a Radical Price
Seth Godin; Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, New Edition and Linchpin
Malcolm Gladwell; Outliers 
Marie Winn; Plug-in Drug


Keywords: business, internet marketing, books, skills, knowledge, Brian Tracy, Focal Point, upgrade, ability, abilities, self-improvement, publicity, advertising, marketing, Japan, Mike Rogers, Mike in Tokyo, Marketing Japan

Monday, December 25, 2017

How I Became a Kind and Patient Father - And you can too!

(This article is a re-write of something that originally ran more than 6 years ago).

I used to have a short temper. I used to get angry for seemingly unimportant reasons. One time I even lost my temper and slapped my son... I've only done that once... But it had a huge impact on me.

I soon regretted that and wondered if I hadn't over-reacted. My sense of remorse and regret was nearly overwhelming to the point of tears.

That was more than 7 years ago. I don't do that anymore.

Years ago, I taught my son to ride a bicycle. Any parent who has done that know what kinds of a frustrating experience that can be! I was pulling my hair out. A few times I caught myself getting frustrated to the point of getting mad. 

I couldn't control my anger sometimes.... I regretted it later.

Today I rarely get mad at my son and get that rush of frustration that often leads to a burst of anger. It used to happen to me all the time. It never happens anymore.

How do I do it? What has helped me to radically change my personality so that I never have bursts of anger anymore? How have I been able to change years of habit in just a few months time?

By the power of taking notes. That's right. Just by merely taking notes every day, it reinforces my subconscious daily and has helped me and countless others to alter their behavior.

You can do it too. 

Get yourself a good $1 notebook. Every day write down your top 10 most important goals. 

Two of my goals that I write down every day religiously are

1) I am a kind and patient father, husband and person.

2) All my loved ones are healthy and prosper.

By writing number one above, I have become more patient with my son and it has also had the added benefit of helping me not to get mad when people write things to me that are not complimentary - like many of the comments I get on this blog - or on emails.

The second one just is a sort of personal prayer for everyone I care about. I figure a bit of insurance by using the powers of the Law of Attraction couldn't hurt.

Of course, writing down your goals every day won't change you overnight. But, as the old zen saying goes, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step."

Begin that journey to become the parent, husband, or person you want to become just by starting. If you do this every day as I suggest, I guarantee that you'll begin to see results within a few weeks.

The person you want to become, actually, already resides within you. You just have to help him to come out.


For more on this subject, please refer to:

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Pocket Notebooks - the Secret of Millionaires and People Won't Listen

How to Stop Worrying so much and Become More Successful at Life

Make Your Own Success

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Top 3 Indies Videos 12/21/17 - Starcrawler, Spitfires, StarBenders, Minnesota Voodoo Men (Jpn)

It's time once again for this week's Top 3 Indies Video Countdown for the week of Dec. 21, 2017... 

First off, I have to say sorry for missing last week's countdown. I think that was the first countdown I missed since Sept. 2014 when was in the hospital! Last week, I was in Russia and I couldn't access the regular page where I post these countdowns. I thought there was something wrong with my Wi-Fi in Russia, but it seems the site had been down since at least last Saturday. They are trying to fix it now. So, very sorry about that.

First up are three guys from Watford, England who were first introduced to us by the Biscuit Boys, Gabbie and Chris (thanks guys!) the band is known as the Spitfires. Their bio says: "Taking influences from The Clash, Billy Bragg, The Jam through to Soul, Reggae and Ska - the band have released 2 albums since 2015... Their work ethic and powerful song-writing mixed with their acute social commentary and lack of mainstream industry support has made this fiercely independent band one of the most popular underground success stories in the UK today. This DIY attitude and independent spirit has earned them a dedicated following and sold out shows across the whole of the UK and Europe."

Dig it! Here's their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheSpitfiresUk/
#3) The Spitfires - Over And Over Again  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZuN17MwMzs&sns=fb

At #2 is a song that is performed by Starbenders which is one of the most exciting new acts of 2017! This is their second time on our countdown! Their bio states: "Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Starbenders are the half way home for misunderstood misfits, fringers and glam punks. Front-woman, Kimi Shelter and her gang have concocted a perfect alchemic blend of androgynous rock and roll power with "stuck in your brain" pop melodies. Imagine David Bowie playing 7 minutes in heaven with Debbie Harry."

Here's their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/starbenders/

At this week's #1 is a band that I debuted on Japanese FM radio a LONG time ago, Starcrawler! This is their 4th or 5th time on our countdown! Their bio says, "We will kill you." So what more could you ask? 

Starcrawler are coming to Japan 3/7 (Wed) O-nest in Shibuya, 3/8 (Thu) Nagoya @ Huck Finn, 3/9 (Fri) Osaka @ Conpass, 3/10(Sat) Kyoto @ Metro. Tickets are available here: WWW.BEATINK.COM

Here's Starcralwer's Facebook page. Go Like it: https://www.facebook.com/starcrawlertheband/

#1) Starcrawler - Used To Know  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXPhANmnAdM

Spotlight Artist!  Today’s spotlight artists are a "Wild 60's Beat" trio from Tokyo, Japan named, The Minnesota Voodoo Men. They were introduced to us by rock star, Mario Cuzic in the legendary movie about Japanese Garage Rock: Garage Rockin' Craze (see trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNukfLBvALc)
Their bio says: "The Minnesota Voodoo Men formed in Tachikawa Near Fussa ( The capital of garage rock/group sound in Japan ) in 1998. Typical story, Ringo met Fabian while playing live at his art school. Fabian was the local guitar Madman & since Ringo played bass and had similar tastes in music they decided to form a band and got onboard, another wild man, Bamboo on drums. They started by honoring their idols samurai style and mostly did covers of 60's garage, surf & British beat with a few originals playing the tokyo/fussa underground garage scene while getting profusely inebriated and getting what “all” rockers start bands for: PUSSY. 

Of course, The Minnesota Voodoo Men have a Facebook page: 

Spotlight Artist! Minnesota Voodoo Men - I Want You to Get Excited  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDSBHuQi8FM

Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story world premiered in London on Sept. 25 and was completely SOLD OUT! The movie is now on a Road Show in Japan and at a theater near you. You can find details here:  https://www.facebook.com/Japaneserocknrollghost/
Here’s the Japanese trailer (It has English subtitles!) Check it! Oh, and we have a really cool webpage: http://ghostroads.jp/
Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story – Theatrical Release in Hiroshima and Yokokawa decided! Jan 13 ~ Jan. 19, 2018!
横浜シネマリンさんでの上映後少し間が空きましたが『ゴーストロード』の広島での上映が年明け1/13(土)~19(金)に横川シネマさんで決定いたしました!映画公開の前の週1/5(金)には広島クラブクアトロでTHE NEATBEATSのライブもございますので年明け早々、気分を上げていきましょう!

That’s all for today! See you next week when we return to the Top 3 Indies Artist Videos Countdown. See ya! – Mike in Tokyo Rogers
About Mike in Tokyo Rogers: Mike has been a professional music/TV/radio/anime-related program producer in Japan since the eighties. He is a founding member and International Director of the Mt. Fuji - Atami Film & VR Festival. He began in the music business in 1977 as lead vocalist with the legendary Los Angeles Punk Band, “The Rotters” (Sit on My Face Stevie Nix.). As a university student, he was assistant to the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer (Rodney on the ROQ – KROQ Los Angeles from 1980 ~ 1981.) Mike was the first and only foreigner in Japanese history to become the General Manager of a major Japanese broadcasting station (TV Tokyo owned InterFM). Has produced a few smash hit programs (some real losers, too!) and several of Tokyo’s highest rated and most famous radio programs. He is currently producing and hosting “The Mike Rogers Show” every Sunday live on InterFM 89.7  in Tokyo and Radio Neo in Nagoya 79.5 and nationally broadcast on Radiko.jp (Internet radio).  And his life’s dream is his just completed full-length motion picture, “Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock and Roll Ghost Story”which was released by a major Japanese motion picture company and in theaters all across Japan in Autumn 2017.
Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock and Roll Ghost Story Japanese Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxwJ4AfzOwM&t
Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock and Roll Ghost Story Foreign trailer: https://vimeo.com/210533272)
… Oh, and he likes to write about himself in the third person!
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Top 3 Videos 9/16/17! Amyl & the Sniffers, Cambodian Space Project, Mackshow (Jpn), Shame! robot55.jp/blog/top-3-videos-91617-amyl-the-sniffers-cambodian-space-project-mackshow-jpn-shame/
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Top 3 New Video Countdown for May 6, 2023! Floppy Pinkies, Jett Sett, Tetsuko!

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