Hit Song, "Fever" by Julie for Free Download - 3 Days Only!

A song that we've been playing heavily on our FM radio show is available for free download for three days only on Soundcloud. Check it out! Great song! Click here: https://apps.facebook.com/reverbnation_ap/jforjulie_4296289_222628

WTF?のヘビーローテーションの曲のフリーダウンロード!ジューリの曲を無料ダウンロード!!! Wow! Julie's hit song, "Fever" for FREE DOWNLOAD on Soundcloud. Three days ONLY! Get yours NOW!!!!!!! 今日からから3日間で「FEVER」の無料ダウンロードスタート!FEVER for free download for 3 days starting today!
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Anonymous said…
That wasn't bad, not at all.
Thanks for that.

Only, I almost didn't listen to it because it was on FaceBook and I didn't think I could listen to it without being on FaceBook.

It was refreshing to listen to audio, I've been watching so many shocking type videos on YouTube lately and they are so herky-jerky-stop-start with my lousy connection. It was like a breath a of fresh air. ...If there is such a thing these days.

...No, I mean due to geoengineering, not pollution as we know it.

Fever. ... Maybe now I'll stop playing, Murder By Numbers - in my head?

Or, it will be a combo?

- IndividualAudienceMember

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