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This is Powerful! Alternative Views: Hiroshima & Nagasaki. What People Experienced

This is some pretty heavy stuff from the Alternative Information Network. I'll let the program's own description explain. 

Three short works are shown which reveal in powerful and touching reality what it was like to endure the atomic bombings in Japan.

First is a 22 minute documentary, Hiroshima-Nagasaki," which contains movie footage in the cities after the bombs exploded. The documentary is so explicit and powerful that it was suppressed by the U.S. government for many years. 

Next is a short work containing the drawings of children and adults depicting what they saw and experienced. Finally, an animated film is presented which is shown in Hiroshima each year to school children. Also provided is a review of a book which recounts the attempts by the American government to suppress the full details of the realities of what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Definitely pay attention from 29:45. Here, they describe the first symptoms of  radiation sickness and vegetation beco…

The Strange Country 11 Minutes of Interesting Information on Japan

I stumbled upon this very interesting 11 minute video packed with information on Japan. I think you'll enjoy this.Kenichi Tanaka writes about the video: "This is my final thesis project. I created info-graphic, motion piece. My objective is to make Japanese people to think about that everything happening here in Japan, isn't that normal. So I created this video from foreigner's point of view, rather than Japanese people's point of view. By the way, please don't call me racist, because I am one of short, small eyes Japanese ;P"
From Zany Pickle: http://zanypickle.comThis video is by  Kenichi Tanaka. Made in Japan for Japanese audiences. English narration by Emily Millar. 

Japan Gold Rush - Customers Lined Up for Three Hours to Buy Gold in Tokyo

My good friend Michio went to buy gold last week right when the prices crashed. He told me that there were over 20 people lined up outside the store to buy gold. 

It seems this story is happening all over Japan and Asia.

Reuters is reporting that customers are waiting for up to three hours to buy gold in Japan... Please refer to: "As global price slumps, "Abenomics" risks drive Japan gold bugs":

A week ago, as the yen-denominated price neared a new peak, jewelry stores and gold merchants across Japan saw long lines of mostly older Japanese looking to cash in on unwanted jewelry and other items that they had held for years. But on Tuesday, buyers outnumbered sellers by a wide margin. At Ginza Tanaka, the headquarters shop of Tanaka Holdings, gold buyers waited for as long as three hours for a chance to complete a transaction.


Nearby at Ginza SGC, a gold merchant, buyers had taken about 6 kg (13 lbs) of gold home by early afternoon on Tuesday. In one case, a 60-yea…

The Atomic Bombings of Japan Did NOT Save Millions of Lives...

Pure post-war propaganda.... As time goes by, the excuse for incinerating a 100,000 civilians (men, women and children) keeps getting exaggerated. From "Harry Truman and the Atomic Bomb":

"....the worst-case scenario for a full-scale invasion of the Japanese home islands was forty-six thousand American lives lost." (See Barton J. Bernstein, "A Post-War Myth: 500,000 US Lives Saved," Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 42, no. 6 (June/July 1986): pp. 38–40; and idem, "Wrong Numbers," The Independent Monthly (July 1995): pp. 41–44.) 

Mt. Gox Provides Bitcoin Humor

Here's what Mt. Gox's new catch copy should be: "Reliability! Spelled 'We Lie Ability!'" (Just say this as if it is a Japanese who has trouble with "Rs" and "Ls.")

Mt. Gox is the world's largest Bitcoin dealer. To read their webpage is good for laughs. These people reek just like some slimy used-car salesmen. I laugh at how the spin the news. Total propagandists.

People need to be rationale and realistic. Read this stuff on their own webpage and tell me that this doesn't sound extremely "fishy."

Humor from the Mt. Gox webpage:
At the very top of their page they say that Bitcoin is a good currency because....
"RELIABLE We're always on. Buy and sell Bitcoin anonymously 24/7/365 with the world's most sophisticated trading platform."
Really? "We're always on"??? Not true. They arbitrarily shut down service for three days starting last Friday (April 12th, 2013). Please refer to: Bitcoin exchange Mt. G…

I Am a Propagandist for the State!

"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell
In a very surprising turn of events, I have found myself in the position of being a propagandist for the state and Big Pharma. It's true. I am now reading and broadcasting the "news" (read: "propaganda") to millions of people living in Japan.

It disturbs me to have to read some of this stuff that comes on the newswire. I didn't expect, nor did I ask for, this news job. It fell into my lap. What am I going to do about it?

If I tell the truth, I will most likely get in a lot of trouble if not fired. If I follow the "party line" and report the propaganda as written, I will wind up hating myself and quitting... This has happened already twice. Unfortunately, it is pre-determined; these are my only two choices. It's just the way it is. I don't want to get fired, but it will happen if I tell the truth. If I do like everyone else and be a parrot of t…

Why Bitcoin? Hooray for Stamp Collecting!

(I'm re-running this article because I just wrote another article for Lew Rockwell that should run tomorrow. Please read: The Bashful Bitcoin NumismaticI'm sure that, after reading that article, Bitcoin fans will want to kill me!)
When I was a young boy, I loved to collect things. I collected them all; coins, stamps, comic books, baseball cards, football cards, fish, frogs and snakes.I collected this stuff cause I knew that if I held onto it for just long enough, someday I would get filthy rich off of selling it. Later, I realized that my "just long enough" would have had to be about 250 years.
Let's face it, folks. You can't get rich off of collecting stuff. I don't care what Gary North says, either. Gold!? Pffft! Well you can't eat gold now can you?
So if you have been collecting any of the above mentioned items — in some rose-colored glasses effort to get rich, all I can say to you is start today in trying to find someone dumb enough to pay you even 1…

Adjusted For GDP, Japan's Stimulus Will Be Twice the Size of America's!

I just read some more alarm bell ringing over at Zerohedge. Please refer to "Protecting Yourself From Japanese Insanity":

Sayonara to Japan 
First to Japan. You've got to love mainstream media, investors and stockbrokers. The Japanese central bank's plans to end deflation have been widely greeted as having surpassed expectations. They're described as "bold", "inventive" and just what Japan needs after sitting on its hands for 20 years. Nowhere have I seen words such as "stupid", "insane" or "half-witted". Because anyone with a brain can tell you that Japan's plans will have terrible consequences, whether they succeed or not.  First, let's look at what Japan intends to do:It will double current stimulus to 7.5 trillion yen (US$81 billion) per month. This means buying the equivalent of 70% of the total long-term government bonds in markets.It will buy Japanese government bonds with maturities of up to 40 years…

Steamship Advertising in Japan - Beautiful Posters from 1900's

Japanese Steamship Posters.

Here is a collection of early 20th century travel posters for Japanese steamship companies (from the book Miwaku no Funatabi, published by the Museum of Maritime Science, 1993). From Pink Tentacle.

Wonderful, aren't they? They make me long to have some time to take a vacation to anywhere so I can forget all my troubles if only for a few days!

WHOOPS! How did that last one get in there?!

See the entire collection of 14 posters here at Pink Tentacle.