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Gaijin Gourmet! Ladies! Beware of All Men!

Ladies! Beware of All Men!
Welcome, ladies, once again to another episode of the Gaijin Gourmet ®.

I am here to tell you again to be very careful about men. Not just Handsome Foreign Gentlemen ®, but all men! 

Men are dangerous and not to be trusted!

Why are they dangerous? Well, you can trust me because I am divorced twice and married three times so I know exactly what I am talking about here. 

I am an expert. 

You see, all men have one of at least three problems. Those problems are:
1)    Too much drinking or dallying in other mind altering substances
2)Gambling too much (and losing all the time)
3)    Running around with other women
Yes. That’s right. If you have a man as your partner right now, then watch out! He most definitely has at least one of these problems right now! I know, because I used to have all three as MY PROBLEM® all at the same time!
What should you do to make sure your guy doesn’t mess up your relationship with one of these problems? Easy. You have to control all the money …

Top 3 Indies Music Artist's Videos are Up!

Come and get it!

The Top 3 Videos for August 21, 2015! Hanni El Khatib, Louise Distras, Veruca Salt, Japan's Own The Plashments

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The Top 3 Videos for August 14, 2015! Messer Chups, Sir Psyko, Love Zombies and The Privates!

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Messer chups "Go Satan Go"