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George Williams on Natalie!

George Williams on Natalie! Natalie is one of Japan's most popular internet music sites!

特集] オトガタリ Vol. 1 大谷ノブ彦(ダイノジ)

Gaijin Gourmet! Eating Healthy at a Japanese Festival (Matsuri)!

Welcome once again to another edition of the Gaijin Gourmet - It's our first "Travel Edition"!
It's coming to the end of the year and that means lots of parties, drinking and eating too much, get-togethers, drinking, Thanksgiving, eating and drinking too much, Christmas, more drinking, falling down, acting like an idiot, New Year's parties, and eating and drinking too much (and just all-around being an embarrassment to myself and everyone else when I'm drunk and making an ass of myself).
And, if you live in Japan, of course this time of the year also means, year-end "Matsuri" (Japanese Festival).
The Gaijin Gourmet at the matsuri trying to act like he is important and doing something useful!
Of course with all these parties and dinners we have to attend, we must also watch what we eat and be careful of our stomachs and bulging waistlines. In particular, once 'we fine diners' (that's you and me, dear reader!) get past 50-years-old, we have a …

Winning at Raffles, Bingo and Winning at Life Are the Same! Here's 5 Simple Tips on How to Win at All of Them!

(This post originally ran in July 2013.)
Once again, yesterday my son won the Top Grand Prizes at a Raffle contest at one of the big international schools here in Tokyo. The prize was a trip for two, all expenses paid, to New York, New York, or another destination of our choice.

My son with his grand prize certificate. Actually, besides the Top Prize, we also won two of the other Top 50 prizes. Count that in with a day outside helping friends and volunteering to make this world a better place, it was a day of constant winning! (Look at that smile! Any child who is that happy all the time has just got to win, right?)
It is about the fourteenth time he has won one of the big prizes at a raffle or bingo in the last four years. We always win. We have come to expect to win. In fact, if we don't win (at least a trinket), it has come to seem strange to me. 

Mar. 2011: Wins 11 games in four years. Grand Prize three times. Not a bad winning percentage. You really can do that too! 
Winning at ra…

The Gaijin Gourmet! Ladies! Big News! Free English Lessons!


This is the English translation of the Gurunavi article published Oct. 10, 2015:
BONUS ARTICLE! Ladies! Read this article to learn how you, too, can get a boyfriend or husband that looks almost exactly like famous Hollywood Superstar Actor Brad Pitt!!!

Welcome, ladies, once again to another episode of the Gaijin Gourmet ®.

Recently, here at the Ippin offices, we have been getting lots of complaints from readers that the Gaijin Gourmet ® columns do not talk enough about delicious food and drinks but is always just looking for a easy and cheap laugh out of the reader.

Due to the vast number of written complaints from you, dear reader, we have decided that we are going to make sure that the Gaijin Gourmet ® columns are always useful to you Beautiful Japanese Ladies ® by starting absolutely FREE English lessons just for you!

In this absolutely FREE English lesson course, you’ll learn useful phrase…