Fruits? Freaks? I Love These People!

I LOVE these people.... 

Most "ordinary people" (Repo-Man reference here) look at them and criticize them and say they look like freaks... But, you know what? People say that because, deep down in their hearts, the people who criticize know these kids have much more fun and freedom than most of us do. These kids don't care what society dictates or what "regular people" think....

I wish I could be as free as these kids... They are living a dream...What fun! What I wouldn't give to be young and handsome again! 

Oh! How I envy them! (Thanks to Miyako Yamamoto for the photo from London)


Anonymous said…
I think its good to let out your feelings like envy and nostalgia (sentimental longing for the past).
Andrew Joseph said…
I agree! I wish I had the balls to just do what I want to do... but, to quote The Pursuit of Happiness (great band) "I'm an adult now." Being an adult sucks. Sucks donkeys.
Paraphrasing Repo Man, I have always considered myself a suburban punk. I love the music, but never had the guts to dress like I didn't care... always had to pretend to be something I wasn't, while I pretended to be something I wasn't. Owtch. I just psychoanalyzed myself.

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