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2017年の新年会パーティー! 渋谷Milky Way! 2017! New Year's Party!

Once again, we're having a New Year's Party on Jan. 23, 2017! This is Japan, "Shinnenkai" (New Year's Parties are after the New Year... It just is OK?)

「2017!新年会!」2017年月1月23日(月)@Shibuya MilkywayOPEN/START 18:30 / 19:15ADV/DAY Invitation Only 1D¥600CAST:Su凸ko D凹koi / THE STEPHANIES / THE PATS PATSTICKET:会場・各バンドweb予約 (11/5(土)正午12:00解禁&予約受付開始) Invitation reservation:お問い合わせ:Shibuya Milkyway  03-6416-3227 

Three of Tokyo's Hottest girl group's to perform!

Su Ko D Koi / The Stephanies / The Pats Pats

Su凸ko D凹koi (すっとこどっこい) 「ブス」

THE STEPHANIES - Baby, I love you

THE PATS PATS girls talk

Be there!