Friday, October 14, 2016

Photo Dump #2 of Rock Stars I've Met in Japan

"My idea of a good picture is one that's in focus and of a famous person." - Andy Warhol
"If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment." - Linda McCartney
This is a boring post with photos.... Move along... Nothing to see here folks...

I'm putting these photos up here because they had been on Myspace but Myspace seems to have compressed the hell out of many of them and now they are only icon sized so the digital images are worthless. (You can see them all here - still many are missing!) These are a few that I could save that seem to have escaped massive compression and I don't know where the originals are (I put them on Myspace to save them originally!)

There's tons more that are lost forever it seems. I can't find the photos with Joey Ramone, the Stranglers, Aerosmith and there's so many others that have fallen in the memory hole.... Tons of photos with really famous artists over the years (Japanese artists too)... Poof! Gone!

Oh well... Here's what's left... These are all photos taken between the years 1998 (99?) to 2009 or so... (Oh and a photo of me with a 10-year-old Ricky Martin!)....


Maximo Park


New Cassettes

Duncan Redmonds of Snuff and Duncan's Divas

Marky Ramone and Alex of Anti-Product

Paul of Maximo Park

Yoko Ono

Linkin Park

Fat Mike

Siouxsie Sioux (my wife, Yuka, in front)

Siouxsie Sioux

Vincent Gallo

Elvis Costello with George Williams (George took better care of his photos than I did. He even has an awesome photo with Jimmy Page!)


Daisy Chainsaw

Howard Devoto of the Buzzcocks

Maximo Park

Elvis Costello

Jake of Stiff Little Fingers and Bruce of the Jam

Juliette Lewis

Guitar Wolf


Buckcherry (the girl standing up on the left is my wife) 

Olga of Toy Dolls (Hey! Why isn't Mike in some of these pictures? Duh! Someone has to hold the camera! - and I can't find the photos with me in them!)

Le Tigre

Pere Ubu

Alex Empire of Atari Teenage Riot


Animal Collective

Earl Greyhound

White Stripes

Boss Hog

Mike of Suicidal Tendencies

Paul Weller (second from left) Taro Furukawa (far right)

I'm in the white shirt with Menudo. Ricky Martin at 10-years-old is in front with solid blue shirt.

With Shiga san and Yasuha (Japanese TV show, never mind)

With Shinko san and Yukari Morikawa (Yukari had one of the biggest selling and number one hit songs in all of Japan in the 1980s) 

That really is daddy Bush. Don't believe me? See here. I've gotten lots of photos with famous politicians in Japan too.


Mr. Nobody said...

Hello Mike!

Wow! What a number of musicians! In a rather serendipitous moment, I just finished watching Alec Empire on Max Keiser's show.

Is Japan a peaceful nation? The evidence proves otherwise...*l*u*t*o*n*i*u*m.html

Please remove the asterisks in the url...

Why do you think the JPG kept buying US debt, and worked hand in glove w/ Uncle Sam?


Jimbo said...

Wow, Placebo, Linkin Park, and Elvis Costello are all very impressive, but I doubt many people can claim to have a photo with Menudo. That is a gem. :)

Larry said...

sugoi. Great photos, esp. the babyface ones of you from the 80's. Best one is a tie between Pere Ubu and Menudo

Andrew Joseph said...

Awesome stuff, Mike. I love Rancid and Linkin Park and Siouxie! But... too bad about losing all the photos! That bites the big one!
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That's really cool. Find the Stranglers photo, please!

Andy "In Japan" said...

Definitely, absolutely, positively and for sure, I am not cool enough to ever hang out with Mike san.

Anonymous said...

The proper link to that Bush/Rogers article is:

That Bush I @ Amway convention photo always confuses me.
He sells his soul to various evil factions of the US government,
destroys several countries during the Cold War,
then goes on to destroy Iraq,
but he still has to pay the bills by whoring himself out to a shady corp like Amway. I guess he's no evil genius. Just evil.

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