Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Osaka Fruits! Wild Osaka Japanese Fashions!

A while back, I went to Osaka with my friend Ken Nishikawa to shoot a promotional video for the Japanese girls group, Shonen Knife. While there, we had some time to wander around and I saw some great sights. I love Osaka!

While I was there and wandering around I saw some kids and their fashions really turned my head! Wow! You have to check this out!

Here's several for your enjoyment! 


I saw these two sweethearts at Shin Osaka station. The train going by the the background gives it a great feel.

Same platform, not 10 seconds later! Wow!

I saw these two guys getting on the elevator and just had to take their photo. Awesome look. Check out those contact lenses! Upstairs from this building was a shop that sold "Lolita Fashions." I went up there but they didn't have any Lolita Fashions in the XXX-Large size to fit me.

Later on, after sound-check, we were walking around by Dontonbori when we came upon a group of ten kids. I thought these three really looked great!

I saw these two going somewhere on Sunday morning. Actually, I saw many others too but everyone seemed in a rush so I didn't have the time to ask them for a pose. I will go to Osaka again soon and take more photos.

This cool photo of Naoko of Shonen Knife was taken by Kevin Riley

Shonen Knife (L-R: Emi (drums & vocals), Ritsuko (bass & vocals), Naoko (Guitar & vocals).  (Photo by Kevin Riley)

And here's the Shonen Knife video we made:

Thanks to Ken Nishikawa, Kevin Riley, Kuniatsu "Coonie" Suzuki, Ms. Yoshida, Shonen Knife members and Atsushi Shibata.


Jimbo said...

And here I thought all the Lolitas hung around Harajuku. That guy's eyes are freaky looking!

Anonymous said...

looks like the 21st century's lollipop guild.

agraves said...

Mike, remember when Japan was a country that had balls? Japan today is a parody of itself, low birth rate, freaky pornography, economy out of control. Here is hoping Japan finds itself and shakes of anime and other decadent practices.

Mr. Nobody said...

Hi Mike,

Congrats on the video!

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