Thursday, October 10, 2013

BCC Mass Mailing is Grossly Misused and Often Counter-Productive

Just a quick post about a recent pet peeve of mine... BCC mailings...

I received two mails today that were sent to me by BCC. They both went immediately into the trash.

Why? Well, I think that if I am being sent a BCC mass mailing then the message must not be important.

There's a difference in receiving a BCC mass mailing announcement of some sort of event or announcement and receiving a BCC for being privy to an inside private letter concerning some business details.

Getting a BCC that only goes to a few people about some private message between two (possibly feuding) people concerning work-related issues is OK. I think, in that case, BCC can be useful.

For example, I am having a discussion with someone at work over policy issues; I need political support from people in different departments. I might send a few trusted people BCC copies of the emails; I might need them to know the content of the discussion.

Oh, sure, in the perfect world, some might say that "All communication should be totally open and honest." Yes, and I'd agree. The problem is that in the real world (corporate world) things often aren't that way at all; there's all sorts of skulduggery going on at some companies. Inter-company politics often make totally open discussion impossible; especially in a society like Japan where people rarely will say their opinion in a direct fashion.

The two mails I received by BCC mass mailing announcements were for concerts by artists this weekend. Like I said, I didn't even open them.

I figure if the promoters really wanted me to come to their shows, they write to me directly and not "To Whom it May Concern" or "Dear Occupant."

I also received another mail, directly sent to me by another promoter, that announced a third show.

I might go to that one. That promoter actually took the time (one minute?) to write my name in the email and send it to me directly.

Personalized emails? What a quaint notion.

Anyway, the point is that I think, today, BCC is completely overused and is a lazy way to do business. I also think that this is a crutch for far too many people and companies and BCC has gotten to the point where it can be counter-productive.

If you want people to pay attention to your announcements then spending 45 seconds to send out a mass BCC mailing is a waste of your time and everyone else's. I asked several friends if they even bother to read BCC announcements and they all said, "No!" 

I ask you, dear reader, do you read them?

If the receivers are worthy of your attention, then I think you should take the time to send them a personalized direct invitation...

BCC means today, "Badly Conceived Communications."

BCC is suitable only for when a communication is between a few people and a third party needs to be informed....

Should be called, FYEO: For Your Eyes Only.

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