Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Interview about Anarchy on Anarchast TV with Jeff Berwick

I was on "Anarchast" from Mexico. Subject is Anarchy with world-famous entreprenuer and talk-show host Jeff Berwick:


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Anonymous said...

Awesome kick-ass video, Mike. In it you mentioned you thought you might be confused about how the view in the unitedstate was, "The government was benevolent in a Leave it to Beaver kind of way" . IMHO, You're correct. Oh so very.

Also, dude. Your heroic.

And, Got-damn, I wish I could converse with that daughter of yours who leaned towards being pro-police.
It always shocks me when younger people think that way. It's like, what's wrong with them?

I imagine my nephew in the heart of the empire is the same way. That's how global manipulation rolls.

On the plus side, my nephew is building his own bow.

Anyway, I love you man. (Not in a gay way) You're great.

And whoa, I've been trying to pay attention, but I had no idea Japan was within a week of running out of fuel before Pearl Harbor.The unitedstate really did run Japan into a corner.

And, I agree about Americans becoming more obstinate. ...I mean, did I tell you about how I was fired from my job for simply paraphrasing Hellen Keller in a questionnaire by writing, "there is no such thing as safety in nature, or anywhere else."?

Well, those fascist american as-Jerks sent me home packing. They said, "If you don't feel safe, you shouldn't be here"

Is that messed up, or what?

Typical american't mixed up B.S.

Ya know. If, at this point, I could tell every friend I ever met in Japan that they should despise and shun me, and my fellow country men, I would.

I wouldn't hold it against them at all. ... That's how you know the empire is bad/sour/evil/misled/over-taken/bamboozled, and pretty much shot to shit as far as the idea of liberty for everyone is concerned.

This was interesting: "In the U.S.,road rage is caused by all the rules"

And in Japan, now I understand a bit more why my friends told me it was a mistake to bump shoulders with the sumo-type wrestler we met as we walked through a trendy restaurant. ... I'm lucky to be alive?

You prolly knew all that sorta thing, though.

Long live the N.A.P.!

- Helot

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