Thursday, January 8, 2015

Astounded by Average American Attitudes Toward North Korea

The North Korea and Sony Pictures and Obama Administration nonsense just amazes me. Because of this recent episode, the US mass media has decided to distract the easily distracted American public away from the issues that actually do matter to them again.... For the umpteenth millionth time.

Instead of looking at things that really matter to the US population, the mass media has Americans back to bashing Kim Dim Son again. It gets tiring.

What astounds me the most about this is that average Americans seem to take some sort of bizarre pleasure in ridiculing North Korea; it's as if they make themselves feel better by bashing North Korea and its "leadership." Sorry, folks, Americans don't have a leg to stand on when making fun of North Korea; especially in the area of political leadership and criminal behavior. 

Both countries are run by psychopathic megalomaniacs that do not differ in kind but in degree only. Yes. Degree only. 

North Korea doesn't run a worldwide empire. North Korea didn't carpet bomb US cities in the 1950s killing massive numbers of civilians, women and children, like the USA did when the USA bombed hospitals, dams and schools in North Korea; North Korea hasn't started wars of aggression or invaded bombed or attempted to overthrow more than 60 nations since 1945; North Korea is not bombing, maiming, orphaning and killing brown skinned children in 7 nations in the Middle East 24/7, like the USA does today... 

There is one area though where the USA and North Korea do greatly resemble each other though: Both are lead by family dynasties who control the political arena: North Korea has the Kim family; the USA has the Bushes and the Clintons.... 

Yeah, all a barrel of laughs!

You never make yourself look better by ridiculing someone else.... How Americans are so ignorant and arrogant that they can make themselves feel better by ridiculing a basket case like North Korea is simply amazing. Of course North Korean leader Kim Jung Un is a criminal and a clown... But America making fun of this guy is like a 900-pound gorilla bullying and beating up a skinny, scrawny, asthmatic 90 pound weakling.

Immaturity and propaganda of North Korea or the USA? Which is funnier or more ironic? I'm not sure.


Anonymous said...

In your last paragraph, you mention that North Korea is a basketcase (this be true) but forget to mention that the big bully USA is currently barreling down the road to Basketcase Ville at full speed. - Kevin Riley (Osaka)

Anonymous said...

My position is : I like Mike Rogers (his blog included) and DO NOT like the government of North Korea. Except for a El Paso man* who took out a payday loan, nobody is trying to smuggle themselves into North Korea. "What does the FBI version of the Sony Hack & the government of DPRK (North Korea) both have in common" would be a better question. Mike is right; another Bush and Clinton? Perhaps, you have to be outside the continental U.S. to digest the insanity. Out of a 320 million population, two families are the serious candidates for the presidency? That is North Korean'ish.

*Venezuela is above the equator in the Americas. If you want asylum or to live there, why fly to mainland China, smuggle yourself into a country that doesn't really want. Just go South. ( Dec 14 - (The Statesman) Arturo Pierre Martinez, 29, from El Paso said that he had entered North Korea by crossing the Yalu River from China. A statement he read during the news conference was published by the North’s official Korean Central News Agency... He said he took “a risky journey” to North Korea so he could pass along “some very valuable and disturbing information.” He spoke about his country’s “police brutality,” reports of abuse at the U.S. detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and the decision not to indict “lawbreaking policemen” in Ferguson, Missouri. He also warned of “extremely dangerous and subversive technologies” related to UFOs.)

Anonymous said...

Mike's article "Why So Many People Have No Common Sense - People who watch too much TV lose touch with reality" has merit.. How could a Bush number 3 (brother Jeb), a (wife)Hillary Clinton, or a Grandchild Kim (Jong Un) even be plausible? Mass propaganda by mainly the television.

Anonymous said...

hey, you forgot the political families like Tanakas and Abes where less-than-stellar kids and grandkids get to be big politicians and even PMs just by being in the footsteps of their older family members.