Friday, July 3, 2015

Delicious Aussie Beef Steak in Tokyo for Under $7.00 (USD)? Yep. Big Boy Restaurants!

I have found the best steak deal in Japan. It's at Big Boy Restaurants (Where they also have the most inexpensive salad bar in town).

The steak is a 120 gram Aussie beef steak that comes with potatoes, corn and string beans. It's ¥790. At ¥120 yen to the US Dollar, ¥790 works out to be about $6.58 for a delicious steak!... And, don't forget, in Japan, there's no tipping either!

(¥790 for one 120 gram steak. ¥1390 for two of them. The prices in the red box are for the steaks with the salad and soup and drink bar. Incredibly inexpensive!)

I think that's much cheaper than even in the USA. 

How do they do this great food at such a low price?

Delivered sizzling hot to your table

My son just loves this steak!

High quality cuts too.

Can't find a better steak deal in Japan!

My son loves that steak deal (Mom and dad will love the price!) Unbelievable deal! The rest of the menu is also filled with incredible deals; especially at lunch time... Oh, and the parking is free!!!

When folks from the west come to Japan, and if they are watching their budget, then Big Boy cannot be beat. 5 out of 5 stars for quality, cleanliness and price.
Check it out at Big Boy!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What does this mean?: "in Japan, there's no tipping either!"

You're kidding? Tipping's not universal? -ish?

The steak looks good. I can't think of a single place here in Iowa where I could get a deal like that. ...Unless I cooked it myself.
I've been paying about 8 Bucks for a half-way decent hamburger and a bag of fries every now and then for lunch. Yours looks better. And, better for you.

Also, 'Sup with the flag patch on that fine young man there? That was a surprise.

Anyway, you've transformed the way I see Big Boy Restaurant's, now and forever more. ... In a good way.

- helot

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