Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Gonna be Huuuuge! Donald Trump and My Dream for Next Japanese Prime Minister!

Donald Trump is evil! He is a racist, is divisive, is the cause of violence.... Blah, blah, blah. So what? Is he any worse than any other of these scumbags that are running for president?

You have to be a scumbag to be president. Hillary is evil incarnate and a scumbagette. That's why she is the perfect candidate for president. But Hillary isn't funny, so I don't like her.

Don is funny.

If I voted, I'd vote for Donald Trum....... Er, no, I wouldn't. I wouldn't vote... I don't vote. Ever.

But I do really enjoy the show. I especially enjoy the squirming.

Regular readers will know how much of a crusade I've promoted against TV watching and the Lame Stream Mass Media for well over fifteen years. It is hilarious how the MSM and TPTB keep trying to paint Teflon Don in a bad light, but he keeps coming back smelling like roses.

Don't think I am dissing the Don. I am not. I laugh at how many said he wasn't a "viable" or "serious politician" what? As if Hillary or these other people are?

Donald is his own 5 star entertainment. Recently, even after all the claims Don is racist, Donald Trump has already secured the white supremacist vote (Kill colored people!), the Nazi vote (Kill the blacks!) and now has the Nation of Islam vote (Kill Whitey). 

I guess Trump is now the equal opportunity hate group candidate of choice.

Now, if Trump is such a racist, how in the world could Louis Farrakhan endorse him?

That's right. And he got Clint Eastwood too.

(By the way, Clint Eastwood is my favorite actor of all time and I've admired Louis Farrakhan for decades as a man who speaks truth to power.)

I expect that Trump will be president. 

I like the entertainment factor in play here. The Don would be great for late night comedy shows. That's why I'm a fan.

Hanafuda Cards

On that note, in Japan, the Japanese call a deck of poker cards, "Trump." So "Trump" is a great name for a cartoon president (well, they are all cartoons, aren't they?) Also, in Japan, there is a traditional card game called, "Hanafuda." In the game, Hanafuda, it is the last card, the all-mighty card, that wins the game. That card is called, "Kirifuda." 

"Kirifuda" in English translates exactly to "Trump."

You couldn't make this shit up!!!! Isn't that an amazing coincidence? Isn't this simply hilarious?

I'm hoping the Don wins and then Japan elects a prime minister named, "Kirifuda." 

Japanese Prime Minister could run on a platform like, "Kirifuda will not be Trumped by Trump!" (English translation: Trump will not be Trumped by Trump!)

That would be hilarious. No! I mean, "That would be huuuge!"

By the way: Donald Trump has resuscitated a word in the English language and made it cool for the first time in its existence. I'm going to start using the word "Huge!" in many of my conversations. A trend has begun! 

And it's gonna be HUGE!


NOTES: To paraphrase Lew Rockwell, the US presidency is like a donut shop. 

Every 4 years or so, we elect a new shop manager (president). But we never see who actually owns the donut shop or the parking lots, (the Military Industrial Complex and the big banks). The new candidates for manager tell us, 'Americans are fat, we need to eat healthy! We can change!' and they get elected to manager.

The customers (you) cheer!

But, as time goes by, even though the new manager still gives lip service to eating healthy, if he doesn't sell the 24 boxes of glazed donuts (and feed the banks and the Military Industrial Complex), then he and his pals are out of a job."

And that's why the US presidency is like a donut shop. 

You don't think for a half a second that one of these people can come in and change 150 years of US expansionist and imperialist history, do you?

Check it: 

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