Thursday, May 5, 2016

Donald Trump, Border Wall, James Santagata and Me

My good friend, James Santagata, a top-of-the-line professional business consultant, often posts comments that make people squeamish. He has posted another outlandish one today. As always, James is concerned with cost-performance.

Actually, it seems he (nor I) try to entertain, nor deal with subjective morality or reasoning....

I think some people get mad at his posts. I usually laugh.

Today he posted:

"Border Wall? Why are so many pushing for such an expensive solution? I'd settle for concertina wires and landmines. Cost effective and still superior to the watering stations that exist now. But that's just me."

Chuckle. I can see the PC crowd getting into a major huff on that one. He isn't talking about anything excepting cost-performance.... 

Immigration is not the issue here.

Not being a guy to take this sort of inflammatory rhetoric lying down, I responded:

"An exploding landmine that doesn't kill but blows off a leg or two, or sends a 1/8 inch piece of shrapnel rocketing through a left eye, leaving some guy screaming to high hell is a very effective method of "getting the word out" and promoting your product to other people around you. 

My dad, who fought in Korea, once told me that he thought it might have been an early method of Buzz Marketing."

I wonder if a big wall between North and South Korea in 1950 would have prevented the Korean War?

Just thinking from a different perspective, or at least, showing dear reader how most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs think. 

That's all.


Andrew Joseph said...

That's the problem with being a pundit - no matter what opinion you offer up (like puppies are cute), someone will always say you are wrong (kittens are cuter).
Keep taking the mickey outta things!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking the typical astute Japanese businessman would keep a straight face on this issue.

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