Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cool & Strange Music Countdown May 17, 2017! Alexandr Misko! Vlad! Sesame Street! Stevie Riks!

Welcome back to another episode of Cool & Strange Music for May 17, 2017!

And do I have some hot tunes for you today. These tunes you can really dig and you can use to clear the dancefloor or have those pesky guests leave your place and go home when you are ready to sleep! 

But first up, let's get serious. First up is some awesome guitar playing from a 19-year-old guy named Alexandr Misko from Russia. He says: "My fingerstyle guitar world here - covers, originals and more. Hope you like it! Cheers from Russia!" Check out his Facebook page: 

Holy shit! This guy is incredible! Tons more amazing stuff on his Youtube page: (

#4) Alexandr Misko - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

Next up is something that always makes me laugh. Back in the day, Sesame Street used to make some funny music video parodies. Besides that, Sesame Street was basically useless for anything but babysitting kids. It certainly didn't teach them anything (Trust me. I know the rights owners!) Anyway, they made some really great musical parodies. This was one of my all time favorites! It's the Beetles!

#3 Sesame Street: The Beetles - Letter B

OK? Cool, eh? OK, let's keep up the laughs. Next up is Stevie Riks. Stevie Riks is a Multi-talented Comedian and Impressionist, Comedy Writer, Voice Over Artist and multi-instrumentalist Musician from the United Kingdom. He does some really funny "Misheard lyrics videos." 

There's lots more funny stuff at his Facebook page:

#2) Stevie Riks: The Bee Gees Misheard Lyrics - Stayin Alive

At #1 is a song that I picked especially for my friends Lee Popa and Jolee Popa of Pinksideofthemoon. Lee and Jolee were hanging out with me in Tokyo when I mentioned (for some reason) this song. I don't think they'd heard of it....Lee! Jolee! I think this is simply genius. Zlad is actually named Santo Cilauro. And this is the funniest parody of an 80s track you'll ever hear! Wikipedia saysSanto Cilauro is an Australian television and feature film producer, screenwriter, actor, author, comedian and cameraman, a co-founder of The D-Generation. He is also an author and former radio presenter on the Triple M Network, and achieved worldwide fame with the viral video Elektronik Supersonik. 

Pay close attention to the lyrics. This is hilariously genius.

#1) Zlad! - Elektronik Supersonik

Well, that’s it for today! Hope you have a great rest of the week and hope you stay Cool and Strange!
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