Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sid Vicious is Dead... Or is He?

There's all sorts of tribute bands running around these days. 

There's a Beatles Tribute band (painful!) Elvis Presley Tribute band (painful and tons of those), a Queen tribute band, a David Bowie Tribute band, etc. etc. etc. 

Well, you know you've hit the depths of total shite (or is it cool?) when there's a Sex Pistols tribute band. Hell, there's not one, there's at least two! Never mind the Sex Pistols Tribute Band, here's the Sex Pistols Experience!

Frigging holiday in other people's Disneyland!

OK. I guess it's better than a Journey or Foreigner cover band.... Which isn't saying much.

By the way, there is one cool cover band. It's in Japan, and they are a AC/DC cover band called, ABCD. OK? 

At least those guys in ABCD have a sense of humor, and they aren't doing it for money, they do it for fun.

The rest of these bands mentioned above do it totally and completely for money. 

What a rock n roll swindle! 

NOTE: I think I find Disney's Country Bear Jamboree more entertaining, original and satisfying than these packaged rock band deals.

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Andrew Joseph said...

Hey Mike,
With the Sex Pistols some 35 years in the past, people like the fact that they can see a cover band... close their eyes and believe. Rock and Roll Swindle? Sure. But I suppose the guys in the band must be huge Pistols fans.
You should go see them and spit at them in appreciation!Or derision.
I've never seen a cover band, as I tend to move on from live shows when my group becomes a dinosaur... though I still like to listen to them in the radio. But for many, such as in the genre of punk, old punk music simply isn't offered air play anymore. When was the last time you played Black Flagg on the station? The Offspring might get played, but only their commercial stuff and not that stuff they played BEFORE they became popular which was much more punkish. Anyhow, good read as always!

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