Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Top 50 Videos for 2018! (#1 ~ #25!)

The year 2018 is almost over. It's been a wonderful year and full of surprises. Here are this year's Top 50 songs (videos where available). These are all songs from Oct. of 2017 to today!

Hope you enjoy them and have a great 2019!

(See chart for #1 ~ #25 here: Top 50 Videos for 2018! (#26 ~ #50!)

#1) The 50 Kaitenz - 11:55:
This song is the song of the year for 2018. Unfortunately, there is no Youtube video link for this track. Here is a link to the Japanese site so that you can check it out:

#2) Miss World - Put Me in a Movie:
Hey! She just moved to Los Angeles and had a meeting with Rodney Bingenheimer!

#3) The Professionals - Rewind:
Paul Cook (former Sex Pistols) is back with a world tour with his new unit and it's fab! 

#4) Su凸ko D凹koi - Yuuto:
Japan's best all-girl punk band hits 2018 with another hit!

#5) Starbenders - While I Was Sleeping: 
Hot new act from Atlanta, Georgia. Achieved a Japanese release and toured Japan in 2018! World's first on air was my show!

#6) Caroline Rose – Bikini:
Caroline Rose broke onto the scene in 2018!

#7) Daisy House – Let’s Do It Again:
Duo from Hollywood had several tracks on our countdown this year!

#8) Sugar & Tiger – Linda Ramone:
Hot act from Pairs France!

#9) Elmo Weber – Bali Hai: Immigrant Song
Awesome track that is probably the most popular of the new radio show! 

#10) Pen Friend Club - Kimi to Boku no Melody:
This song has no video. Here's a direct link to listen online to Amazon Japan. Fantastic track!

#11) The Van T’s – Bittersweet:
The Van T’s are the West of Scotland 4-piece!

#12 Hayley and the Crushers – “Blue and Green”:
Hayley & the Crushers are gas station candy, drive-ins, slurpees, slip-and-slides, beach parties!

#13) Titty Twister – Bad Man / Connection:
Titty Twister, from Fukuoka City Japan, was formed in 2002!

#14) PATO FU –  Private Idaho:
Twenty-two years passed. We're still the same band. We're not the same band anymore.

#15) IDestroy – Lemons:
IDestroy really have delivered the goods with their second EP, an explosion of riotous energy that makes you want to get up and throw something, or possibly yourself, across the room." - Kerrang! Magazine

#16) Starcrawler – I Love LA:
They will kill you!

#17) Rosegarden Funeral Party – Another Dead Soul:
Rosegarden Funeral Party is a post punk band from Dallas, Tx fronted by Leah Lane.

#18) THE MOST – Gatecrashers! Most is a Beat band from Umeå, Sweden. 

#19) VOIID – Silly Girl:
a four piece of hellish girl-shriek guaranteed to make your face melt and your boyfriend cry.

#20) Pale Waves – There’s A Honey:
From Manchester!

#21) Jail Guitar Doors - Raise Your Flag: https://youtube/zx3WW2wLfDA
Very cool rock band from Japan new album out June 9th!

#22) REWS – Miss You In The Dark
High Energy Alterna-Rock Pop Female Duo consisting of songstress Shauna Tohill & beat-maker vocalist Collette Williams.

#23) The Neatbeats – Bye Bye Very Good:
The main actors in the just-released Rock N Roll fave movie: Ghostroads - A Japanese Rock N Roll Story!

#24) Dog Party – The Walk:
Sacramento and SLO's rock 'n' roll duo, Dog Party!

#25) Amyl and The Sniffers – Cup Of Destiny
Rock n Roll, Pub punk Record Label Flightless Records from Melbourne!

Well that's the Top 25! But there's just as many cool songs on the rest of the Top 50 from next week! Be here! 

Thanks! - Mike

(See chart for #1 ~ #25 here: Top 50 Videos for 2018! (#26 ~ #50!)

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