Saturday, October 31, 2020

Zoo Jee Baa Cafe in Futako Shinchi!

Today I spent more than four hours at a new cafe in Futako Shinchi. The name of the cafe is Zoo Jee Baa Cafe.

Zoo Jee Baa Cafe was very quiet and one could relax, the BGM was also quiet and I almost fell asleep there. 

The service was excellent, the food great and reasonably priced. I had the lunch set and it was only ¥1000 and included coffee! 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this cafe is for dogs AND Cats too (Humans are also welcomed!)

Zoo Jee Baa cafe is about a 2 minute walk from Futako Shinchi station on the Denen-Toshi line. 

The view from the front of Zoo Jee Baa Cafe! Look for the dog sign!

It was Halloween and so they had a pumpkin in front!

The inside of the cafe first floor. The place seats about 15 on the first floor. Plenty of space and a great place to hold business meetings! Wi-Fi? Of course!

Quiet, spacious and a great place to relax!

That is a dog - a real dog - not a statue! That dog is so well trained. He sat at his place basically the entire time I was there.

The kitchen is spotless as is the entire restaurant. The second floor is also a great space for private meetings and the third floor (not shown) holds the toilet and it was immaculate!

Second floor space with collection of old toys,

Look for this dog when searching for Zoo Jee Baa Cafe! That's their marker!

I finally found a reasonable priced, quiet cafe where I can hold business meetings and take my dog there too!

Zoo Jee Baa Cafe.
Kawasaki-Shi, Takatsu-Ku,
Niko 1-7-12

Tel: 080-9398-6299

Directions: Take a left out of East Exit of Futako-Shinchi station. Walk to the cross street. Turn left. About 100 meters to the right!

Highly recommended. Zoo Jee Baa gets 5 stars!

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