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Top 3 Videos for Feb 19, 2022! Japanese Girl Bands! Stereogirl, Lighters, Mophing People, Tomboys!

 Top 3 New Video Countdown for Feb. 19, 2022!! 

Also, CALLING ALL INDIES BANDS! Don't forget about the 2022 Ninja Indies Music Awards from Tokyo, Japan! Head of Jury is Josie Cotton! Musicians! Bands! Artists! "Don't Dream it Be it!" The 2022 Ninja Indies Music Awards from Tokyo, Japan on May 18, 2022! All Indies Bands welcomed! A broadcasted worldwide TV show! Win a trophy! Be noticed the world over! 

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First up today is something brand new from Stereogirl!

Stereo Girl is a 5-piece band from Tokyo. Their bio states: "Bar the language differences and decisively un-Mancunian drawl, Stereogirl sound lifted from Britpop-era Manchester. Their debut album Pink Fog came out last summer, reviving Britpop’s convivial mix of youthful energy, relentless uplift and saturated nostalgia for ‘60s rock’n’roll." This song was just released from their brand new album (Played constantly on the Mike Rogers Show!)

Here is their Facebook page:

4) ステレオガール - I Don'tbut someday:ステレオガール

Next up is Kobe's favorite girls band, the Tomboys! They will be appearing at this years SXSW! Their bio says: "
We are Happy Rock’n’roll band THE TOMBOYS from Kobe Japan!"

Here is their Facebook:

3) THE TOMBOYSMV- Time Machine:

Next up from Tokyo are the Lighters who Just released their debut album in August of last year. 

Here is their Facebook:

2) LIGHTERS - blue:

At #1 this week is former Shonen Knife bassist, Litsuko. Her new band is called Mophing People. They've just covered a My Bloody Valentine song called, "Only Shallow."

They have a Twitter account:

1) Mophing People - My Bloody Valentine / Only Shallow(Cover):

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