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Clubbing Baby Dolphins and Out of Work Actresses

Remember that silly sensationalist movie called "The Cove"? It was the documentary film about the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan, where several hundred (thousand?) dolphins (of a species that are not on any endangered lists) are killed by fishermen. This distasteful and bloody event has been going on for centuries. The movie made some headlines because it was supposedly "banned" in Japan -  It wasn't. It was never banned in Japan at all. 

The claims that it was banned was a publicity stunt by that film's makers.

Hollywood lives on publicity stunts.

This article is not about the Dolphin slaughter or anything like that. It is about greed and the lows that people will go to to make money. It is about the vanity and shallowness of people from Hollywood and in show business in general. 

Especially, this post is about the main actress in that movie, the Cove, Hayden Panettiere.

Hayden is the typical stupid Hollywood starlet who will do anything for fame. 

After 30…

The Race for Japan's New Prime Minister is On and the Entire Country is Abuzz....ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.......

Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan who was prime minister for just over one short year is resigning. The race for a new clusterf*ck prime minister of Japan is on. 

If you were to judge by the media, you'd think that the Japanese, as well as people all over the world, are gripping their arses in anticipation of who the next prime minister of the world's #3 (and dropping quickly) economy is going to be.

Will it be dumbf*ck number one or dillweed #2? The entire nation anxiously awaits the results of an election that they have absolutely no say in whatsoever.....So, I am....ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.....

ZZZsnork! Where was I? Oh, yeah....

Kan, as you remember, was Japan's prime minister for just about 15 months. In that time, his infamy is often compared with that of many tyrants of the past. The destruction and devastation that occurred under Kan's rule will always be on the level of a Adolf Hitler, Chairman Mao, Attila the Hun, Caligula, Joseph Stalin and that Khan dude on Star T…

Selling Their Gold? The Japanese Must Be Completely Insane!

I stumbled upon this story today from Reuters about how many Japanese people are selling their gold. It seems that, at today's high prices, they want to cash in while they can.

Because of this trend, this makes Japan a net exporter of gold for six years in a row!

Why would anyone want to sell gold (real money) in exchange for worthless paper? These people selling their gold haven't a clue as to what they are doing. 

Reuters reports in "Analysis: Japanese Cash in on Gold Price Boom":

(Reuters) - For Eriko Ebina, standing outside a downtown Tokyo medical equipment store that has a side business buying gold, the recent surge in prices for the precious metal was just too tempting.
"For more than 30 years, I kept gold jewelry mother bought for me, and with media saying prices are high, I thought I would sell them now except for a few keepsakes from her," said Ebina, in her 60s.
"I earned more than I thought they were worth. I'm not interested in buying gold.&…

Tell Them You Love Them and Hug Your.... Parents?

Constantly we are reading things about how we are a bunch of lousy parents (we are) and that we should be doing more for our kids (we should). 

At that same time, we often read that our poor parenting of our kids is a result of the poor parenting we received from our parents. Hmmm... I don't know if that is true or not. After all, I think most people try to do the best with the cards they are dealt. I think that, for the most part, if we are lousy parents today, it could be because we were brought up in a very prosperous society and that our parents wanted to give us all they could so maybe they spoiled us a bit. 

Nothing wrong with wanting your kids to have more than you had as a kid.

My being a lousy parent can never be blamed on my dear old mom (I miss her so) and my now ill father. 

Before I go on about my dad, let me pass on just one tip that I found yesterday from a wonderful blog by a guy named James Altucher about how we should better treat our kids. If I can just pass on one…

Radioactive Golfing!? Some People Love to Golf!

Here's a story that caught my eye. It's about how golf courses near the Fukushima nuclear power plant are struggling to stay in operation.

All of the 27-hole courses are within the emergency zone.... And they are struggling to stay in business!? What!? You'd have thought that they'd have gone out of business 6 months ago. 

Some people really love to golf!

Daily Yomiuri reports:

Golf Courses Trapped in Rough by Radiation

FUKUSHIMA--Some golf courses in Fukushima Prefecture are suffering from radioactive contamination stemming from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, while others have lost customers due to radiation fears.

Gee. Ya think so? Nah! Can't be.

Since the accident at the nuclear plant, 12 out of a total 63 golf courses in the prefecture have been forced to suspend operations. The number of players at golf courses currently in operation has been low, frustrating people in the golf business in the prefecture.

Go figure.

Kashima Country Club in Minami-Som…

Japanese PM Kan is out on August 30, 2011!!!

Jeez. It's about time! Zero Hedge is reporting that, according to Reuters,  Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan will step down on the 30th!

Zero Hedge reports:

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan told his cabinet ministers on Tuesday that they are likely to resign on Aug. 30, Japanese Economics Minister Kaoru Yosano said on Tuesday.
The unpopular prime minister's comments effectively confirmed his intention to resign in coming days, clearing the way for Japan to select its sixth prime minister since Junichiro Koizumi ended a rare five-year term in 2006.
The ruling Democratic Party of Japan is planning to pick a new leader on Aug. 29, setting the stage for parliamentary confirmation of a new premier and the selection of a new cabinet.
Yosano also told a news conference that the government needs to devise steps to cope with the negative effects of the yen rise in the coming third supplementary budget for this fiscal year.
It's good news and bad... If history is any example, the next g…

Japanese Gov't to Rent Land Near Fukushima? Nuts!

There's some things going on about the Fukushima disaster that I just cannot understand. These problems all involve the government handling of the situation. I've written much about my dissatisfaction with that. 

The problem with the entire situation stems from government incompetence and the desire to be all things to all people in this crisis.

Yesterday, it came to fore that areas near the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plants will be declared uninhabitable for many ears to come. Does that come as a surprise to anyone? I wouldn't think so.

Now, it seems that the Japanese government is going to reimburse land and property owners near the Fukushima plant by paying them rent for all the coming years that they won't be able to live in their homes. I am completely against this notion and think this is just another government boondoogle that makes the rest of us pay for something that we had nothing to do with.

The New York Times reports:

TOKYO — Broad areas around the strick…

Little Things That Make Japan Best: Politeness and the Telephone

Japan will teach you patience. In everyday life, Japan has great lessons for westerners who come from nations full of people with the "Me! Me! Me!" entitlement attitude.
Many people find Japan's pace frustrating. But I think the wise people will find Japan's pace in showing them (and helping them with) patience is actually much better for their physical and mental health.

Think about it: the Japanese live, on average, about 8 years longer than Americans do. Of course diet has much to do with it. But people here rarely scream and shout. This sort of "flying off the handle" that (especially) Americans are guilty of cannot be good for one's health. Getting mad over insignificant things is just a cause of stress and can only harm the person doing the stressing.

As everyone knows, stress is a killer of relationships and life!

Actually, on a recent trip to the USA, besides the regular stress that I think is just "in the air" at the USA these days, I wat…