Sunday, August 28, 2011

Clubbing Baby Dolphins and Out of Work Actresses

Remember that silly sensationalist movie called "The Cove"? It was the documentary film about the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan, where several hundred (thousand?) dolphins (of a species that are not on any endangered lists) are killed by fishermen. This distasteful and bloody event has been going on for centuries. The movie made some headlines because it was supposedly "banned" in Japan -  It wasn't. It was never banned in Japan at all. 

The claims that it was banned was a publicity stunt by that film's makers.

Hollywood lives on publicity stunts.

This article is not about the Dolphin slaughter or anything like that. It is about greed and the lows that people will go to to make money. It is about the vanity and shallowness of people from Hollywood and in show business in general. 

Especially, this post is about the main actress in that movie, the Cove, Hayden Panettiere.

Hayden is the typical stupid Hollywood starlet who will do anything for fame. 

After 30 years in show business, I've met many people like that. Sorry to burst some people's bubble, but, turn off the TV and put down the popcorn for a second...

As I have written before, people like Hayden Panettiere don't really give a rat's ass about any dolphins or anything like that, they only care about fame. 

Just like jerks like U2's Bono who prop up charities and claim to care about poverty (yet give only 1%) or Sting with his BS about rain forests or the next Hollywood clown who makes noise about endangered monkeys, it's all just blah, blah, blah... Yadda, yadda, yadda. These people don't really give a sh*t about these things. Their "charities" and work are all promotions capitalizing on other people's misery and they constitute tax breaks. 

In Hayden's case, if she really did care about the Dolphins, she'd still be talking about it... But, she doesn't. She doesn't because, you see, the advertising budget for that film is over with and, well, she does have a movie star career to attend to.  

So much for... sniff.... sniff... actually caring!.... I mean, really... She's an actress after all. She doesn't really have to care. Isn't acting like she cares enough for her fans? Why do fans always have to "take, take, take"?

For the most part, these famous people who support these charities do it as a tax break or a vehicle for promotion. They don't really care about actually making any effort. This is the real world, folks. That's the way it is. Live with it.

Frankly speaking, I don't think that that movie's main starlet, out of work Hayden Panettiere, ever cared a bit about those dolphins... She faked tears for the promotion of that movie but now, since she's out of a job, she's not faking any tears. She needs money and is charging $30 a pop for autographs.

Charging fans for autographs? Are you kidding me? Is she that desperate?

The Daily Mail reports:

Are times that tough Hayden? Actress Pantierre charges $30 an autograph at a fan convention.

She found herself without a regular television role after Heroes was cancelled last year.

But it seems times have got a lot tougher for Hayden Panettiere.

The 22-year-old actress spent today at a fan convention in Toronto signing autographs for the princely sum of $30 a pop.

"I'm out of work... sniff... Please buy my autograph..."

And if fans wanted a photo opportunity with the star, they would need to cough up $45 for the privilege, according to an accompanying sign.

The actress wore a low key grey T-shirt with her hair pulled into a ponytail as she greeted convention goers.

The four day Fan Expo Canada Convention in Toronto is for fans of  horror movies, comic books, science fiction, animé and video games.
$30 for an autograph and $45 dollars for a photo? Excellent. And, I'm sure with her sincere efforts to stop the killing of Flipper and the rest of his dolphin friends, Hayden will be donating all of that money to her favorite "Stop the Dolphin" kill charity...

Or is that "so last week"? Just like AIDS, Global Warming, whatever, is the dolphin killing just no longer trendy amongst the Hollywood elite and their fans who watch way too much TV?

Since tuna sells for a dollar a can, I wonder if she'd trade me her autograph for 30 cans of tuna?


Note: There are many good charities in Japan: Rock Challenge Japan:

Foreign Volunteers Association:

Second Harvest:

Save Minami Soma Project: just to name a few.... 

-------- NOTE: 

Some background about the Cove; to promote the film, the producers of the film made the claim that, "If all of the Japanese people could just see the film once, they'd ban dolphin fishing forever." I wrote in Japan Bans the Cove and Other Atrocities how that was a bunch of rubbish. 

If the producers really were sincere in that thinking, they'd make the film free for view to everyone on Youtube. But they don't, so their purpose is to sell tickets and make money to people going to see the movie or buying the DVD.

When I pointed that discrepancy out, some people criticized me by saying that the film's producers "have to make money some way." I countered that doesn't make sense as many films are available for free on Youtube and that Google gives away everything for free and they are one of the biggest money making companies in the world (not to mention Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc.)

It is good that there are enough people who are intelligent enough to see through this sort of BS. 

The film's makers then claimed that eating the dolphin meat is full of mercury and dangerous. In Dolphin Hunters and the People Who Hunt Them I countered, 

"...the crowd against dolphin hunting (in their twisted logic) say that the dolphins shouldn't be killed and eaten as the meat is pumped full of mercury and so it is poisonous to eat. If so, then that's great, isn't it? Then let these people kill the dolphins, eat the meat and then they die. Problem solved!"

If people are so stupid to want to eat poison, then let them do as they wish. Or do people think the government should outlaw unhealthy behavior? If so, then let's outlaw smoking, drinking, sweets, all red meats and really make it a heavy crime to be over weight.


Anonymous said...

c"Or do people think the government should outlaw unhealthy behavior? If so, then let's outlaw smoking, drinking, sweets, all red meats and really make it a heavy crime to be over weight."

I don't put it past them. The drum beat is already sounding for most of the list, save smoking. That has already been "dealt with." I actually had a medical doctor extol the virtues of "making" people eat "correctly" as they did for smoking. I wish I was joking.

Murasaki Shikibu said...

While whales and dolphins and bluefin tuna get a lot of publicity, other species that nobody cares about are driven into extinction every year. You'll find a small article about how the last *something* died and they disappear without much fanfare.

There is a lot of money being moved around in the anti-whaling lobby (or anti-anything lobby for that matter) and someone should track down who the biggest donors are so we can see how compromised they are in exactly what way.

For example, when that BP oil spill happened off the coast of the US, I distinctly remember someone from WWF saying that it was no big deal because Bluefin tuna were a resilient species - in effect playing down the impact of the oil spill despite the fact that the bluefin were spawning at the time. Basically bluefin are not resilient to fishing, but they are resilient to having an entire generation wiped out by an oil spill. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

"do people think the government should outlaw unhealthy behavior? If so, then let's outlaw smoking, drinking, sweets, all red meats and really make it a heavy crime to be over weight."
Don't worry. It's coming.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Clubbing babies and out of work dolphins?! This must be stopped!

Anonymous said...
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