Miss Bikini Universe Japan Beauty Contest Thursday 10/4/12

Thursday night I went to Roppongi in Tokyo as a guest of my dear friend John Turner and his group to see the second annual Miss Bikini Universe Japan Beauty Contest...

It was a great night of lots of legs and bikinis... I know you'd just love to read all I have to write about it too, but are too busy just at the moment so you want to see photos, right?

There were seven girls in the contest for Japan. I haven't a clue as to how they picked these girls but they all seemed charming and very nice.

One of the girls showing off her stuff on the stage.

Me standing with the champion. Unfortunately, my friends, I can't tell you this young lady's name as the contest was, well, not well organized at all. There were no programs, nothing....

Even when the ladies lined up and the winner was called, there was no dimming of the lights and no "Drum roll, please!" ...

We were sitting right behind the stage at a VIP table and even with that we didn't know that the winner had been announced!

Here's a photo of (L to R) Jared Turner, James Turner, John Turner of the JT Group. Their company, HapyLife were sponsors of this event. I sat at their table as their guest. Thanks guys!

Back stage I was able to take this photo of several of the ladies. I think this is a great photo as it captures the mood back stage and looks like an oil painting!

Another beauty on stage...

Woah! How did that one get in there?


Anonymous said…
That 'oil painting' photo did look that way, very good photo.
The first photo wasn't bad either, was nice after reading about the world today. Those smiles seemed so-very warm in contrast to how much of the rest of the world acts.

And the last photo, thanks for the laugh.

I just finished reading Altucher's, How To Diversify Your Life, and this contest seems like a good way to do that. In fact, I think you excel at Diversify Your Life, and with style.

Also, every time I see your photo now I think, man, heh - that guy has some guts - I could Never cut my hair that short.

- clark
Anonymous said…
nice elton john glasses
Axel said…
A nice, positive post, thanks Mike. A bit concerned about the following though - I clicked on your hosts' HapyLife link to see what they are about, and landed on a web page which says "we are developing ouyr products and would like to send you updates, please sign up below" whereupon I am invited to leave my details and email adrress. As someone with an interest in marketing, can you tell me why I would request details for a product that I have absolutely no idea whether I'd be interested in it? What if there is no product? What if it's a data gathering execise, and I m going to be added to yet another spam database? Not that I don't TRUST your hosts, you understand, but one should really excercise caution, I'm sure you'd agree...
Thanks Axel!

I fixed it!

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