Monday, October 15, 2012

Global Warming Scandal Redux: 40,000 Scientists Come Out Against Global Warming Hoax

This is a redux of yesterday's blog entitled, "UK Met Office: Global Warming Stopped over 16 Years Ago" in which I wrote;

"You know that anytime the government tells you that there is some kind of problem and the cure to that problem is more taxes from the pocket of you, the taxpayer, then it's time to be extremely skeptical."

Well, now here, this morning comes this story from Alexander Higgins: Taxpayers are ripped off of over $45 Trillion dollars for imaginary Global Warming Threat.

Alexander writes;

The objections of tens of thousands of scientists goes ignored as the global warming hoax is being used to squander $45 trillion from the masses.

If you have any doubt about the global warming hoax or somehow have been deceived by the corporate media into believing that the verdict is out on climate change the open letter below should clear up the subject.
While you may not buy into the premise of massive global conspiracies, just like the LIBOR rigging scandal, this one is real and the hoax has been repeatedly disproved.
In fact, the letter I show below is prominently linked to on the home page of the Western Australian Skeptics Association and if your not familiar with the skeptics movement it consists of debunkers, in many case doing so for academic notoriety or to get rewards or scholarships of up to $100,000 and higher,  that run sites like this and this go around debunking and making fun of conspiracies theories and ‘troll’ discussion forums like GodLikeProductions and /r/conspiracy  on forums like /r/conspiratardcausing drama like this.
Point being, is this isn’t some crackpot conspiracy that can’t be substantiated and instead is accepted by critical thinkers who are skeptical of anything that isn’t supported by facts and scientific data to back it up and even they accept it.
So here’s the highlights for those who don’t like long reads:
LIE: Media outlets repeatedly parroted statements politicians’ statements from governments worldwide claiming 4,000 IPCC scientists appointed from nearly every government on the globe had agreed that human’s were influencing climate change.
TRUTH: 80% of IPCC members weren’t even scientists. Those that were received their funding from governments who wanted certain findings. Reports from IPCC scientists who submitted results contrary to the expect outcome did not have their work accepted. Of that only Fifty-three authors and five reviewers are all that can be said to explicitly support the claim of a significant human influence on climate and even those people made their claim of support based on research of other IPCC scientists which had been altered and manipulated.
LIE: The mainstream scientific consensus, including that of the 4,000 IPCC scientist had agreed. “The evidence was in the global warming debate was over and it has been confirmed to be due to the man-made causes”
Truth: The views of those few author and viewers is disputed by Tens of Thousands of reputable mainstream scientists who turned activist in objection to the IPCC’s junk science only to be entirely disregarded.
The article goes into much more detail, like the purposeful omission of temperatures doing he medieval period which showed global temperatures  much higher than they are now, how corporate media news outlets pressured reporters not write anything that was was critical of the consensus of the scientific community, how global ocean temperatures were excluded even thought they showed cooling, how a clique of scientists prevented anything contrary to ‘concensus’ from achieving peer-reviewed status, how satellite data was ignored and much more.
It also delves into who suffers – the global consumers who are being squandered for $45,000,000,000,000 dollars – and who benefits – the carbon traders who are becoming billionaires of the hoax that is destroying economies around the globe.
To read the complete report, click here (if that link doesn't work, use this:

What have I been telling you? If the mass media tells you to panic then it's a sure sign of sensationalism designed to sell ad space and promote propaganda.

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TokyoTom said...

"You know that anytime the government tells you that there is some kind of problem and the cure to that problem is more taxes from the pocket of you, the taxpayer, then it's time to be extremely skeptical."

I agree, Mike.

But see my comments to Marc Abela, who posted a FB link to you:

I'm pretty sure that there's a "there" there, Marc:

I concede that there may be SOME gaming of sheeple by elites who want more power, but I think climate change is an issue that libertarians should seize to push for greater freedom and liberty from our crony capitalist. statist status quo.


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