Monday, October 22, 2012

Free Online Japanese Horror Movie: Tales of Terror: The Haunted Apartments

Just in time for Halloween! The 2006 movie Tales of Terror: The Haunted Apartments (幽霊マンション). This movie is in it's entirety and with English subtitles.

Asian Wikipedia says about the Haunted Apartments:

Ai and her father, Yamato, have had a hard time since Ai's mother died in a car accident. When they agree to move into their new apartment, the other tenants seem strangely excited to greet them and help them move in.

There are some strange "rules" that the tenants must follow. The landlord insists that everyone be home before midnight every night. An odd string tied tied to two rocks marks the point that all the residents must cross before midnight. And tenants are only allowed to move out under certain circumstances. A mysterious ghost haunts the residents every night and seeks revenge on anyone who stays out after midnight...

The movie stars hot actress Mei Kurokawa. I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating sembei.



Andy "In Japan" said...

Mei Kurokawa is HAWT. I forget, what was this article about?

Andrew Joseph said...

I'm 10 minutes in - so far, it's pretty decent! That girl is hot! She's playing a 16-year-old? A bot of a stretch, but cool.

Jimbo said...

Hmm, and here I am jonesing for a good, cheesy, Japanese horror flick. Great timing, Mike!

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