Thursday, September 19, 2013

There is No Gold at The US Federal Vaults? Won't Allow Germany to See the Gold - Won't Give Back Germany's Gold

The scam continues. Germany stores about half its gold in New York. Germany is suspicious of the US dollar and the Fed and asks for their gold back. The Fed says "that's impossible." They claim that they couldn't fill the order until 2022 (Even though German's gold is supposedly less than 5% of all Fed gold holdings). The Germany asks to see their gold. The Fed says, "No!"

Listen closely at about 2:10, in which during WW2 the Fed convinced Asian and African nations to store their gold in New York in exchange for Federal Reserve gold certificates, but when those nations tried to trade those certificates back to the Federal Reserve to recover their gold, the Federal Reserve claimed their own gold certificates were fakes, and kept the gold.


Andrew Joseph said...

According to the Brad Meltzer TV show Decoded, it appears as though the reserves held in Fort Knox have long ago either been moved or used. No one knows what has become of the gold reserves... especially after the US was no longer willing to back up their money with it.
Germany's gold? Where did they steal it from? There is a plethora of Nazi riches still hidden away in Swiss bank accounts... maybe.

Anonymous said...

People are in an uproar over this... Did you see that the price of gold jumped over 4% in less than 24 hours? Throw on top of that the news about India raising gold taxes to 15% and the current gold rush in Japan (not to mention the highest annual gold imports in China's history) and you've got some serious things going on in gold by the big players. Of course the sleeping citizenry wlill get into the act when it's too late.

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