Sunday, September 15, 2013

Total Media Manipulation Equals Control of the Average Population

I constantly rail on mass media sensationalism and media propaganda and manipulation of the the masses... I speak from an insiders point of view. In fact, it's so bad that I even meet people at some of the broadcasting stations that I work at who don't question, even for a moment, the propaganda that comes over the newswire... They just blindly come in to work, do their programs, and then, oblivious that they are part of the propaganda machine, they head home to come back and repeat the same drivel tomorrow...

Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Now, my good friend, Jp, sent me this interesting video and article. Let me reproduce it in full for you. From the Minds blog:

"This video is so ridiculous that it actually makes you want to punch through the screen.  There are multiple clear cases of this 'talking point distribution' happening where it's obvious that some puppet masters literally surgically insert their neural implants into the minds of the masses as if we are all numb to the fact that a handful of corporations control all the mainstream media. 

Linked below is another fascinating clip of the CIA admitting that they use the news to manipulate the USA.  This is why the rise of independent media is critical for a positive transformation of the planet.  There are some who would say that this phenomenon is a result of stuff like the AP wire and is nothing more than laziness of news anchors and affiliates.  This is partially true, but definitely not completely.  And even if it is largely a true statement, what does that mean?  It means that unconscious and lazy drones are feeding us talking points from the largest agencies?  Is that healthy?  No!    

It needs to be said that in no way is this article intended to say that ALL mainstream news is 100% corrupt. (Only 90% corrupt - Mike) 

Much good reporting is done from unexpected places, but, there is a trend.  And it is a dangerous one.  Of course, in the opinion of this writer, there are also deliberate thought implants surgically inserted into society to boost ideas, kill others, and so on.  

Thanks to Jp Valentine


Anonymous said...

Left without comment.

2013 WORLD PRESS FREEDOM INDEX - From Reporters Without Borders,1054.html

Aaron Moser said...

Well the good journalists that expose the truth like Ben Swann and Amber Lyon get fired.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, do you have a Japanese equivalent to this:?

A Country Boy Can Survive

- IndividualAudienceMember

..If you don't. I'd be surprised. Cause I knew a lot of guys quite a bit like that, over that way.

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