Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Post Over at Robot55 About Toshikazu Endo Art Exhibit

Hi folks. I have anew post over at Robot55 (Robot-Go-Go). It is about a very chilling art exhibit I saw yesterday. Sorry for the link below but today I have a tons of stuff to get to, but I wanted you to check this out. This is some very weird stuff....

Here is an excerpt from: Endo Toshikatsu Exhibition at the Akiyama Gallery

"As I stood there trying to take it all in and digest what I was seeing, it hit me, “This is scary,” I said. And I meant it.

This work of art made me feel a sense of fear. Of fear of what? I do not know. Death, perhaps? But I definitely felt fear. Perhaps it was the kind of fear that the saber toothed tigers of the Ice Age felt when they were trapped in the tar pits of La Brea; struggling to get out. But the more they struggle, the deeper they sink… 

Or perhaps it was a fear that I had stumbled into another world; a world of the gods where I was not wanted nor welcomed. It was a place where those much greater than I had dwelt; and they were all dead. 

What does that mean for me if the immortal ones have long since died and their lives burned away? Was the a picture of our collective future?"

You have to check this out. Here's a photo:


Anonymous said...

Cool post.
I'd add a string of words, but hey, that's a cool looking chick you got on your arm there, Mr. Rogers.
And, a mighty fine bowl.

[No bluegills were harmed in this imagination.]

- helot

Anonymous said...

Also, WOW! i have to "prove" I'm not a robot, in order to post on your blog, AND I have to Choose an identity?

Can't we do a spit and a handshake instead?

Anonymous said...

I like it. Jack and the be an stock anyone: where the giants might be about.
Is it now open from o2 February and the 22 February is a typo (in the link).

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