Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Scribbling on Money? Great Marketing Idea?

I mentioned a few posts back that I have been blogging religious everyday at a website run by a new company that I founded with some friends. The site is called ROBOT55 (Robot Go-Go). The site is bilingual so please check it out.

Today, I posted an article over there that I do want to share with the regular readers of this blog. The post is entitled: Guerrilla Marketing! Mr. Spock and the Greek Artist That Hijacked the Euro! (robot55.jp/blog/guerilla-marketing-greek-artist-hijacks-the-euro-and-mr-spock/)

The article talks about two really wild (and funny) things going on. 

One is an artist who has made a name for himself by drawing public hangings, police thugs, skateboarders, riots, etc. on Euro Bank Notes. 

The other is about how Canadians are drawing Mr. Spock on $5 dollar notes so much so that the Canadian government has asked them to stop.

Here's a snippet from the article:

The government of the EU and Canada are destroying the value of their respective currencies by money printing and deficit spending, but they don’t want you scribbling doodles on the money. 

Yeah, I guess no one in government is smart enough to see the irony in all this: The government can wreck the currency, but they don't like it if you or me do the same. I wonder which is worse? Devaluing the currency or drawing doodles? Morons!

It's hilarious and I have lots more photos over at the post: Guerrilla Marketing! Mr. Spock and the Greek Artist That Hijacked the Euro! robot55.jp/blog/guerilla-marketing-greek-artist-hijacks-the-euro-and-mr-spock/

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