Saturday, March 7, 2015

Shibuya Fruits! Girls in Shibuya & Harajuku

I was planning to going out to Shibuya and Harajuku to take photos of the fashions of the girls of 2015. But every time I get ready to go, like today, it rains.

Well, I did get out to Shibuya for work, but it was too rainy and cold to find the good fruits.

I did find these two girls. Look at the nails on the girl on the right!

I'll try to get out there next week to take photos. Stay tuned for more Japanese Fruits.

If you can't wait, then please check out the Osaka Fruits that I took photos of a while back.

See more here: Osaka Fruits! Wild Osaka Japanese Fashions!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A tan! A nice one, too. It's not something I see very often - if ever - in print, that is, an Asian chick (in Asia) with a tan.
And, while wearing Daisy Dukes!

The nice things that women create.

Thanks for the view from that part of the planet.

- helot

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