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Top 3 Video Countdown for Nov. 2, 2019! Highmarts (Jpn), Crocodiles, Carvels NYC, Elizabeth the Second!

We're back to the Top3 new Video Countdown for Nov. 2, 2019!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

First up today are the awesome Crocodiles! The Crocodiles are about to kick off a West Coast tour and you can find out where they are playing here: You can also request them to play in your city!!!!

Their bio states: "It was in 2008 that Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell decided to ride Crocodiles! Since the 2 Californians have scoured the scenes of the whole world and recorded several albums. It's at Deaf Rock that the two acolytes wanted to sign for their next album!"

Here is their Facebook page:

#3) Crocodiles - Nuclear Love:

At #2 this week is a brand new group from Italy. They are Elizabeth the Second. Their bio reads: "Formed in mid-2018 in Padova, northern Italy, this trio was born of shared excitement over music and its creation. The desire to return to play together between Ben and Mickey, old friends, were interested in playing together again after a significant gap, but it wasn't until they met up with Luca that they found the magic formula for the band's genesis"

#2) Elizabeth The Second - No One Cares

At this week's #1 are the Carvels NYC. Bluesbunny magazine writes: "The Carvels NYC draw their sonic influences from the best of the times – early punk (American style) and the trashy side of rock ‘n’ roll – and the three songs on this EP are more than capable of forcing that frown right off your face with the quirky humour that underpins “I Fell In Love With a Dead Boy” elevating the song to singalong status. Throw in the streetwise vocal style of LVP and the step back in time sax of Dave Spinley and everything falls neatly into sonic synchronicity.... they will undoubtedly bring joy to the ears of those who value their honest approach to the making of music in these synthetic days."

#1) The Carvels NYC - Late Night Heart:

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST! Today's Spotlight Artist is a new band from Tokyo called, The Highmarts! The Highmarts are a hot new three-girl group and this band is HOT! I think I am going to make a promo video for them when they open for the awesome Baby Shakes who are touring Japan RIGHT NOW!

NOTE: Highmarts! I will play your music on my radio show if you send it to me!

Here's their Facebook page:

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST! The Highmarts - I Want You Bad:

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