Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Real Impossibles Review by Andy Thorley



This won’t surprise anyone who knows me, but small print, minutiae, all that type of stuff, never been my thing. Back in the early 90s, I was taking my exams. I was an exceptionally lazy kid. I’d been accepted into college on the premise that I needed to pass four of the nine I was taking. English lang and lit, that was two, Geography? I could piss that and History. That was my favourite. Easy. Who needs maths anyway? (I still haven’t got it and I worked in a bank for 10 years – true story)

I sat doing my History exam. I’d finished way before the other kids and because I was bored, I finally read the instructions. Answer three of the four, it said. Shit. I’d done two like the mocks. Still, it all worked out in the end. Just. That approach to, you know, not actually reading instructions still goes with me today. The new car I had the other week. How hard could the cruise control be?

Fair do’s maybe I shouldn’t have just randomly pressed buttons on the motorway, let’s just say that. Then there’s this. Now, you see, I’d stuck this on my iPod after listening to “Burned” the first song.

You would too. It is marvellous. Sweet as honey harmonies, an understanding of proper old time rock n roll out of the Sun Studios, and that moment when the lead guitar pierces? Man, sign me up for this.

So I was listening to the rest of it at “work” the next day. No longer in the bank, and not strictly meant to be sat with my iPod on, but its better than listening to shite about Love Island and no one has actually told me to stop, and I am inwardly making my notes. Like these: “80s sounding”, “power pop”, “The Knack” and all kinds of others.

Then, I read the helpful bio that the always lovely Rum Bar Records sent me (Hey Lou, you rule!) and here’s the thing. The thing came out in ’83. It’s a reissue. With some bonus tracks. But here’s the real point. And this is the point that people who are obsessed with “details” and “facts” don’t ever get. It doesn’t actually matter. What is of concern is this: “It’s About Time” is a marvellous thing. It makes no odds whether it came out last week, last year, last century, it is just superb.

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