Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Wuffy Dogs to be Rereleased.

In the early 1980s, I was in a band called the Wuffy Dogs.

The Wuffy Dogs were my college roommate Pete MacKenzie, a very talented drummer named Johnny Brewton and Bob on bass (oh and me).

We made a record but it went nowhere. We couldn't give them away. Most of them went into the trash.

No, 40 years later, I am told it is the Holy Grail of late 1970s LA punk band records. They are selling for more than $1,600 each. 

No kidding. It is listed as selling for... Are you sitting down? $18,000 on Discogs. I think someone in Japan must have bought that one.

Anyway, a record I could give away sells for this much? Unbelievable.

Now it is being released by a label in LA. 

"The Wuffy Dogs ."Wuffy Dogs" 7" Reissue Originally released in 1983 with members of The Rotters and MIA. The Wuffy Dogs lone 7" has become one of the rarest records in Punk in it's 36-year history. 

Most copies were unfortunately destroyed in a hasty move to Japan (along with copies of "Sink The Whales Buy Japanese Goods") but the archaeologists over at Meat House Productions have dug up these dogs to bring a 100% legitimate reissue to the masses. 

Complete with re-mastered audio and a never before seen lyric booklet, Meat House Productions is extremely proud to present the first ever re-release of The Wuffy Dogs 7". Limited to 500 copies with only 400 available to the public, this will sell quickly!"


I wonder if they'll send me a copy?

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