First Plum Blossoms of 2015

This has been a very cold winter in Japan and it snowed about six or seven times this winter season. 

I have seen the first plum blossoms of the year around the neighborhood and taken photos of them. I saw the first one yesterday, so today I went out and took a few photos in spite of it being rainy. And, as I do every year, I'd like to post just a few photos for you of the first arrivals of the blossoms.

As the cold still remains, the blossoms show us that spring is right around the corner.

May all you dreams come true in 2015!


Anonymous said…
What camera (or phone) did you use? The photos w/ focus look great.
Thanks. But I just used my good old dependable classic camera....An iPhone 6!!!! Really.
Andrew Joseph said…
Nice pix! It's March 3 here in Toronto, and we're expecting something like 5-inchs of snow today. Global warming, my butt.
At least we're not Boston.
Hopefully it's raining this week.

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