Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marketing Japan: Increase Your Google Rankings by Use of Keywords...

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Just a quick piece of great advice for you bloggers who - with quite understandable frustration, believe me - get discouraged because they see no quick results from their blogging or video blog (vlog) efforts.

Remember that every time you blog something, anything, you need to use all the Social Media tools in your toolbox to drive people to your blog and increase your rankings. That means when you write a new blog, then I suggest that you go to Pick, Twitter, Facebook, Mixi, U-Stream, whatever and announce that you have some new blog that you would like people to check out.

Always be thinking... Well, about something useful, if possible.

I write about Japan at Lew and then announce all of those everywhere I can - even here at this blog - and I plug my modern marketing Japan blog (this blog) at the bottom of my Lew Rockwell articles.

I suggest announcing new items at least twice (on Twitter, Pick and other Social Media); once immediately after writing and then, once again, five or six few hours later (perhaps once more 24 hours later?).

It is also advisable to go to related sights and post the information there. This particular blog is about smart marketing, advertising and PR using the Internet and intelligent media in Japan, so I will also go to Linkedin and announce my new musings on the marketing groups that I belong to.

OK, so maybe, even with that, people won't follow your blog and sign up. Not to worry. Here's another piece of great advice that will get you high rankings on a Google search.

You might notice that I always put a list of keywords at the bottom of my articles and blogs like this:

Keywords: TV, focused message, Google, product, radio, Japan, business, Japanese, buzz, radio station Twitter, vlog, U-Stream, Internet, Social Media, Mike Tyson, intelligent, Pick, White House, GDP, Mixi, video blog, smart marketing, rankings, solution, Linkedin, vlogging, blogger, advertising, Google search, TV station, service, video blog, Facebook, japan, japan's, blog, blogger, intelligent marketing,  marketing, 

You have to do this every time on every blog to get great Google search engine results. Just to show you that I am right about this. Go to Google and search "Mike" and "Tokyo." Yep, that's me at #1 on the search results. Pretty amazing if you consider the fact that there must be over a million Mike's who've ever been to Tokyo... Notable ones include even Mike Tyson in person and on world-wide TV(Hey! I beat Mike Tyson in Tokyo! Rah!)

Make sure that when you do a keywords listing that you change the order of the words in your keywords so that they do not appear in exactly the same order that the do in the body of the article.

Also! One last important note. Make sure that you use the same name for yourself everywhere on the Internet and make sure you use the exact same avatar (I mean a real one with your photo!) Remember that you are selling yourself when it comes to the Internet, so branding and image are critical to your success.

That's smart business with a focused message and intelligent marketing!

Keywords: marketing, Google search, blogger, focused message, Google, product, intelligent marketing, Facebook,smart marketing, Internet, radio, Mike in Tokyo Rogers, search engine results, business, Japanese, buzz, rankings, Twitter, vlog, video blog, U-Stream, Social Media, vlogging, Mike Tyson, intelligent, Pick, Japan, TV, Japan's, Mixi, video blog, advertising, blog, Linkedin,   

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