Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Three Years on a Japanese Internet Rock

Many bloggers (or U-Streamers, or fans of Twitter, or Pick) sometimes get disappointed because after they upload their first 3 or 4 blogs, for business or pleasure, they see that they have few regular followers, or even worse, few visitors. It can be quite discouraging. So they then quit.

That's the worst thing they could do.

If you are going to create a blog or a U-Stream or do any sort of Social Media, then, before you start, make sure that you have made your mind up to dedicate at least 3 updates a week for a minimum period of three years.

Three years may seem like a very long time, but, in Japan, we have an old saying that goes, "石の上に三年" and translates to: "Three years on top of a rock." (Yes, I know that this is a saying that seems to mean nothing, but remember that the Japanese are very minimalist). The legend behind this proverb is that if you sit upon a large rock for at least three years, it will finally become warm.

OK, let me translate for you; what this saying really means is that if you keep trying, you will succeed.

If you follow the tips of having a focused message in your blog, vlog or other online activities, including Social Networking, then those people interested in your message will find you; and that's just smart marketing... It just takes time.

The other part, besides dedicating to doing your blogging, or whatever for at least three years, is that you must also make the herculean effort to blog at least three times a week. This is critically important if you want to get more attention and higher rankings on a Google search.

If you do this then you will get results. I guarantee it.

One of Japan's top pop star's Koji Kurumatani (left) and George Williams

I gave this exact same advice to George Williams in December of 2009. George was worried - like everyone else - on how he could stay on top of the game and give himself a needed advantage over the competition. I recommended that George start Twitter everyday and also to make his own U-Stream channel. (He did those and he now also does Pick. We are setting up his very own multi-media Internet channel this month. Stay tuned!)

I also made sure that George understood that there was a catch to doing U-Stream and Social Networking; it had to be done with regular consistency. George has taken this advice to heart and his U-Stream channel has taken off. The channel is called GeorgeTV and it is one of the, if not the, most popular U-Stream channels in all of Japan.

Some might say that they need a catchy idea before they can blog, or video blog (vlog), or U-Stream... A catchy idea is great... And some people will not write or vlog until they come up with a catchy idea. This is a mistake. I would suggest that forcing yourself to be consistent will help you to come up catchy ideas. If you use your brain consistently, you will come up with the ideas. More importantly than catchy ideas are persistence.

From doing the U-Streaming consistently, George was able to promote himself and, quite quickly as a matter of fact, build a buzz for himself and the show. So much so that now George regularly has famous Japanese stars wanting to be on his U-Stream show.

Is that cool or what?

A few days ago, George had Koji Kurumatani on as a guest and those programs consistently garnered more than a 1,500 viewers each time.

Not only have the rewards been tangible on the Internet, but it has paid off quite handsomely on antique media as George has gotten many job offers and even a 6-hour television special on Fuji TV! How did he get the Fuji TV show; a show on the most prestigious TV network in all of Japan? Because the station wanted to do a show about music that featured a guy who was a leading expert on the Internet and U-Stream and there was George!

He also appeared on the most popular women's TV show in all of Japan, Ladies 4, and was offered a morning time slot on the oldest and most famous FM radio network in all of Japan; Tokyo FM.

What actually makes me chuckle about all this sort of thing is that I have given the same advice to others that I gave to George. But they just don't do anything. George takes action. That's why George is getting job offers left and right...

George "gets it." He is consistently out in front of the competition and driving ahead with new ideas... So, he gets the nod.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, remember, not only do you need to know about new ideas and technology. You need to use them and do them consistently.

If you don't, then you can be sure your rivals or competition will.

It's not rocket science, it's smart promotion and intelligent advertising and marketing.

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Jimbo said...

Mike, this is great advice. I started my own blog about Japan about a year ago but gave up after a few months because I wasn't getting any hits. Now I see that persistence pays, big time. Thanks for the encouraging words!

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