Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mike in Tokyo Rogers (me) New Music Videos Japan on U-Stream

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

I remember an old saying that prudish grandmas would say, "Don't jump into the pool until you learn how to swim!" Well how are you going to learn how to swim if you don't get into the pool?

How are you going to learn how to blog, video blog, or do Social Media until you jump into the water?

I do Internet marketing and SEO services in Japan now, but, in my former life, I was a TV and radio producer, director, and caster... When it comes to U-Stream, I am just getting my feet wet.  I've had a YouTube channel for a long time as YouTube is more like traditional TV, but U-Stream is different.

To learn how to do U-Stream well, I've been helping George Williams on his daily show for about 7 months now and started doing my own weekly do a weekly underground new music video show on where you can find the weekly Top 5, where I find and play totally new and undiscovered cool artists and play them for you.

As I mentioned many times before, you need to consistently blog or video blog (vlog) at least 3 times a week to be successful on Social Media and using it to do marketing in Japan...

I make the video and, before it airs live, I use Twitter, Pick, Facebook, Mixi and my company web page at Universal Vision to notify people that it is about to air, then, after it is over and recorded, I do the same.  The link is here:

It's all a part of keeping on top of the game for Internet Social Media Marketing. There's no real rule book, it seems to me, the best ideas will come to you from just doing it and thinking up new and creative ways to market your self or your product.

So, instead of just waiting to start because you don't know what to do... Just jump into the pool! You'll learn as you go. The water is great!


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