Monday, June 17, 2013

The Emotional Employee - Good and Bad

In today's work environment when so many people are just doing the minimum, it's refreshing to find people who are so involved that they get emotional about their work. Far too often people merely go through the motions. People who get emotional can be a treasure...

Lots of people need to read, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"...

But I think there are a good type of emotions and a bad type of emotions.

It is a curse of the corporate environment that involves far too much politicizing in the work place that often causes relations between co-workers to take priority and precedent over the success of the project. This is a bad situation that leads to the bad type of emotions at the work place.

While having dedicated people who do get emotionally attached to their work is great, it can also be a double edged sword when those emotions actually are obstructive and cause people to miss seeing the forest for the trees.

In my experience, actually and unfortunately, twice in the last year, I've seen grown Japanese men sob at business meetings when things didn't go the way they wanted. These were guys in their forties! 

First they folded their arms in front of their bodies. Then they pouted. Then they actually cried! 

I am a cold-hearted person and watched for a moment and allowed them to stop sobbing. I then remarked as if nothing unusual had occurred, "Are you finished?... Anyway..." And I continued with the business at hand. It would not be good to dwell on emotional outbursts or respond as that may lead to a sort of ping-pong effect and escalation which won't help anyone.

Being emotional about the job and the dedication to the success of the project is a wonderfully appreciated and oft rewarded trait... Becoming emotional about the people you work with is not.

The good type of emotions is a strong will towards the success of the project and doing whatever it takes to get the project done and successful for the company, no matter what. That's dedication. Those are good emotions. You don't need to like the people you work with to do great work. You just need to keep a professional attitude. 

I read where the world famous New York Yankees baseball team have often had teams whereby the members don't get along with each other. In fact, there are famous incidents where the team members have brawled with each other in the dugout! Nevertheless, the team that has won 27 of 40 World Series Championships.

Universities need to start courses that give MBAs in staying calm and cool....

The purpose of the exercise called "work" is to win, not make friends.

Emotional maturity is greatly under-rated in the corporate work environment. 

Keep focused on what your goals are, stay professional and remember what an advantage that can be. You are there to win and make money for your company and for yourself... Not make friends. If you do make friends, then that's icing on the cake.

Working with people you may not like yet still creating and doing great work is the height of professionalism and performance. It is the holy grail that all of us should strive for.

...Oh, and don't forget to smile!


Anonymous said...

"I then remarked as if nothing unusual had occurred, "Are you finished?..."

Heh, that was funny,... and smooth.

"Being emotional about the job and the dedication to the success of the project is a wonderfully appreciated and oft rewarded trait..."

And sometimes (more often than not?) it isn't.

I've been noticing lately, comments along the lines of, if you work hard and treat the corporation as if it were your own you will Not get promoted, instead the less productive and incompetent get promoted.

One manager's reply to that was, "Well, if the productive People were promoted, then who would do all the work?"

Seems to be more and more common.
Another sign of a break down in the society? Or...?

It's also a great motivator to start your own business.

Not to say I didn't catch the drift of this blog post.

Also, hmm, I never thought about it the way you put, *I* have an MBA in staying calm and cool. I think that would be great to use in an interview.

- clark

Anonymous said...

Dream on! I work at one of the biggest companies in America and can honestly say it's like working with a room full of kids. You'd never believe the childsih backstabbing and shit that goes on.

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