Saturday, June 15, 2013

Abenomics in BIG Trouble

From Zerohedge:

Up until now, Japan's six month experiment with Abenomics has resulted in consecutive months of record trade deficits, soaring energy costs, rising staples prices and a jump in bond volatility and yields so dramatic it led to consecutive halts in the Treasury market and the bond market window slamming shut for corporate credits. It has not resulted in a jump in economic output, in capital spending, and an increase in wages: the three key things needed for a sustainable and viable recovery (despite projections that 6-12 months in the future all shall be well, and the BOJ hiking its economic assessment almost on a daily basis).

Read the rest: Time For Abe To Start Worrying About His Approval Rating?


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, somewhere in the unitedstate, my water bill is going up 7% until they can get approval to go higher in 2014.
My electricity bill has a similar notice.
Gasoline prices keep going up.
Food prices aren't stationary.

For some people, wages are falling.
I'm sure you have heard about sequester.
Really, sequester is a great thing, however; there's going to be this adjustment period. (And some spillover effects.) A few families might lose their house as a result, but guess what, the higher ups in management are exempt. I haven't seen that in any headline news anywhere. ... The whole lot of them should get laid off, but it seems a bit wrong when those at the top of Yurtle the Turtle's stack get an exemption. Hmm, maybe that will accelerate things and cause people to take notice?

Faster and faster it goes. Where it stops, only the Austrians knows. Ha.

...Only the punchline ain't funny.

...Because the tyrants (and wanna-be tyrants) are mucking everything up.

- IndividualAuienceMember

Anonymous said...

I saw this phrase and thought of your blog:

"a Global Abe-nomics program"

- IndividualAudienceMember

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