Wednesday, August 28, 2013


No comment necessary. Read it yourselves: Fukushima: Stop the Stupid


Andy "In Japan" said...

This article is interesting and seems to be written by someone who is quite knowledgeable. You might not like to hear this, but I think he is giving us many reasons to be VERY concerned about the situation in the spent fuel pools.

After more than two years, TEPCO has still not disclosed the nature of the rods that were stored in the pools, whether or not the were spend fuel or newer rods being stored. They must not know, which is disturbing.

The rods must be removed but they have been damaged so the removal is far riskier than normal. If there is another earthquake and the pool collapses, it would be "truly catastrophic". That's comforting, NOT.

The fuel stored in the pool could become critical when it is being removed, causing the entire pool to have a decay heat fire, yet the author of the article really doesn't say just what would be the result of that. He just says it would be "really awful" yet he says nothing about whether or not it would be possible to contain or control such situation? Would vast areas of Japan become uninhabitable as a result of a decay heat fire?

The author is not alarmist, but based on what he wrote, I think we all have cause to be alarmed if we live in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Mang, why can't they just blob a ton of silly putty on the whole she-bang [freeze it in place] and air-lift it to somewhere where they can deal with it?

- IndividualAudienceMember

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