Friday, August 9, 2013

Japan is the Best Country in the World to Live In! FREE BEER and Cigarettes! Suck it America!!!!!

Seriously. They do this a lot in Japan. That is; hand out free booze and cigarettes to by passers.... I think they used to call this "Service" and "Freebies" in the west until the Nazis took over.

This guy was handing out FREE BEER at the exit of the local grocery store.

He didn't:

1) Ask for my ID
2) Tell me to take off my belt or pass through a metal detector
3) Frisk me
4) Ask who I am
5) Ask where I am going
6) Ask anything...

He just gave me a chilled beer and smiled... Like they should do in a civilized nation (like Japan)...

Idiots will grouse that this doesn't make for a better place to live but that's just rationalization. The Japanese can do this because society here isn't the cluster-F*ck the society is in the USA.

Suck it America! And apologists for the police state that America has become!


Anonymous said...

Love it!

I lit up a cigarette in an American't bar a few days ago, the owner acted as if I'd lit a string of M-8o's or something worse.

They got after me like they were an old woman, cussed me, sassed me, and (if they weren't more muscular than me I think they would have beat me up) then harassed me the whole walk out the door. That's where I flipped them the bird and told them to F! off. [They'd been harassing patrons the whole night, so I didn't feel I owed them any respect. You know, the whole, "My mom owns this bar so you should listen to me and drink what I say" kind of b.s.]
They (the sons and nephews of the bar owner) didn't like that in the least and they chased after me for awhile as I rode away on my bicycle.

I half-thought about turning around and confronting them, but I thought, "What's the point, they are obeyer's!" I told them that as I walked out of the bar but I don't think they heard me over their thoughts of blind obedience.

- IndividualAudienceMemeber

The Japanese people are more American than Americans are now.
I soo miss that place.
In both countries.

Is this as bad as it seems?:

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, one other thing, one I suspect you already know. The Only time beer is free in America is: tomorrow.

Ain't that telling?

- IndividualAudienceMember

Jimbo said...

Daaaaang! I wish they gave away some free beer up here in Tochigi. I suppose it's a small price to pay to be around less people. Enjoy the cold one!

Anonymous said...

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Andy "In Japan" said...

Just crossed the border on my way back from vacation into Japan. It was all smiles and polite professionalism here. They didn't shout at me, grope any member of my family, or even look inside my waist pouch.

Last time I crossed the USA border I was spoken to in a command voice, groped in a disgusting and humiliating manner, and had to go into the back room with two government goons who rifled through and fingered my possessions.

Just so you know, both times I was carrying 36 gold coins in my waist pouch, just under 1 Kilo which you can bring into Japan without declaring it. Only in the USA are coins considered a hijacking risk.

We have free beer and respectful treatment in Japan and a police state in the USA. Did I mention the sweet, smiling and totally hot flight attendants on my ANA flight?

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