Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eat Whale, It's Delicious!

I received a mail from my friend Andrew who lives in cold Northern Japan. Andrew is also a columnist for Lew Rockwell so we are sort of "Brothers in Arms." We are always on "the same page" so to speak (though, often on different paragraphs!)

Here is Andrew's latest on Lew Rockwell (LRC): Yasukuni Shrine Whines Justified? (

Andrew sometimes sends me very interesting insights and comments. Here is his latest email:

Hey Mike san,

Here's a fun little story you might want to post on your blog, I don't think its the kind of thing LRC would publish:

My family was in Yamagata City this past weekend.  If you know Yamagata City, you would know its a nice city in the central valley of northern Japan, at the base of some large mountains.  I wouldn't want to disparage Yamagata City, but it's fair to say that its seen better days and isn't one of Japan's most economically dynamic cities.

Even so, near the main train station they have a couple of nice department stores.  One of those stores has a basement area where you can buy a wide assortment of the most delicious foods imaginable.  Literally, I walk around the vast expanse of food stalls drooling all over myself.  After I stop leering at the gorgeous Japanese girls, I look at the food and continue drooling.  Its that good, just looking at the cookies, and cakes, and bread, and snacks, and fried foods, and meat dishes, and sushi, and salads, its endless!

In America, I have never seen such a delicious choice of food to go all in one place,all in a convenient and attractive setting.  In large cities like Tokyo, these basement food markets in department stores are taken for granted.  Even in the smaller cities, you can easily find a department store with this set up.

When at the market in the store in Yamagata City, we bought fresh, raw, minke whale meat.   The minke whale is not endangered and our fine Japanese whalers, engaging in research of course  (nudge nudge wink wink say no more), catch a good number of these delicious cetaceans.  The meat, eaten raw and with a bit of chopped ginger is fresh, and tender, and nutty tasting like the best cut of beef you ever had.

Sorry to all you Americans who live in "the freest country in the history of the world" because it is illegal to buy whale meat in America under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.  Those Green Peace control freaks who love whales and have their own TV show simply HATE Japanese whalers.  They spend millions racing around the world to assualt Japanese whalers, but did they protest at all when Obama and his gang annihilated a group of Afghans on their way to a wedding a few weeks ago?  Some priorities.

Eat whale, it's delicious!

I responded, "Thanks Andrew. But! But! What about Flipper?" (by the way, I have eaten whale! It is delicious!)

Remember, whales are mammals... Some slices of the 
whale bacon even looks like pork bacon 


Andrew Joseph said...

I've eaten whale sashimi. It's okay. Makes you wonder what they did with the rest of my whale as I only ate three pieces.

Anonymous said...

Whale bacon?

...It's just not fair.

Have you had it with eggs?
Is it really the same as bacon,.. or better?

- PanarchistamericanHelot

[Reluctantly, I've changed my nic around a bit due to this: "Those who want the military on the border shooting immigrants” that would include Murray Rothbard and Hans Hoppe

I agree with most things those two guys say and write, but not that.

I imagine it's a lot like having whale bacon with flan, it just doesn't go well together. ?

Anonymous said...

Also, @Andrew Joseph:

Ha! Funny.

- PanarchistamericanHelot

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